Renting in D15


Looking to rent an apartment (ideally 2 bed) in D15 in close proximity to train line to city centre (Clonsilla, Coolmine, Castleknock areas of interest).

2 beds appear to be generally in the Eur850-950pm region.

The location suits both Mrs. Next Step and I from a working and lifestyle perspective (family and friends relatively close).

Haven’t engaged with any letting agents as of yet, but there appears reasonable supply looking at myhome and daft.

Looking for any advice/opinions on anyone with experience in renting in the area and also thoughts on the rents being asked an potential negotiation - new to renting in Ireland but this seems expensive enough in my opinion for the area - seems to be plenty of rental propoerties (although acknowledge not all rental properties in D15 are close to the train connection to city centre).

Any comments and advice greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.


I’ve been renting in Collegewood, Castleknock for about three years now. The apartments are quite big and I find the area a very pleasant place to live in.

Here’s a two bed (double) in the swift hall apts for 900 pm

You can walk from these apts to castleknock village in under ten minutes via the shortcut into the adjoining estate. You could walk to the coolmine trainstation via carpenterstown in about 20-25mins.


I’ve been renting in Dublin 15 for the past three years also - the first two years in an apartment in Rathborne beside the Ashtown train station and the last year in a semi-detached 3-bed house right in Castleknock.

While the 1-bed apartment in Rathborne was fine (when we moved in in 2006 we were paying €900 a month, but by the time we left, in Dec 2008, we had negotiated this down to €800 per month), we had some issues with the area - our car was broken into three times the first year we were there (in the ‘secure’ underground carpark). It’s generally a fine place to live, but, after two years in the apartment we’d had enough and wanted a house to rent.

We’ve now been renting a 3-bed semi-d in the middle of Castleknock for a year - it was advertised as being €1,350 when we moved in in Dec 2008, but we negotiated this down to €1,200 when we signed the contract. Over the past year we’ve had the rent reduced three times! We’re now paying €900 a month for what is a really nice house and a nice place to live.

Based on my experience renting in D15 over the past three years my best advice would be:

  1. NEGOTIATE HARD! There’s a really big supply of both apartments and houses to rent in the area, so you are the one in control.

  2. Take the rental price in any add as being nothing more than a starting-off point! I’ve heard through friends that 2-bed apartments in Castleknock Village (called ‘Donn Rua’ - small but nice) are going for around €800 per month, even though they may still be advertising them at around €900…also 2-beds in the Phoenix Park Racecourse apartments (train station nearby) can be gotten for €900 - €950 although still advertised as €1,200!

  3. It could be worth your while trying to rent a 3-bed semi-d house rather than an apartment - there are lots of houses to rent in Carpenterstown, very close to the Castleknock train station. Currently being advertised around €1,200 or 1,100, but I’d say you could get one for €900 - €1,000.

Best of luck!

I am renting a large 3 bed in luttrellstown (1100 sq foot with a 250 sq ft attic conversion total 1350 sq ft)
Most 3-beds in the area are c900 sq ft and you cant get out of both sides of the bed in the master bedroom.
Just re-negotiated the rent to €1,000 PM, down from €1300 last year.

Guys - Thanx to u all for ur comments, helpful suggestions and especially to Rental Patient for sharing the benefit of ur experiences and negotiation tips!

Will begin looking intently in the coming weeks so I may be back in touch to let u know how it goes!

Many thanks again - I appreciate the time and helpful nature of the posters on a query such as this.

This really is a terrific forum in helping people to find value and gain from the experience of others and is very much appreciated.

Hopefully I can pass on my experience to help someone in the future or at least direct them to the pin!

Thank you to all again.

Hi Next step, I am in Windmill area of Porterstown, Coolmine train station is only 5 minutes walk ago. I am in a 2 bed, when I moved in here 9 months ago the price was 1200, but I bargained with agent, and got it to 900 p/m, and then in new year I managed to get it down to 800, lease is up in May, and I expect another drop, basically you can name your price within reason. You should maybe just take a drive up here and check it out.

Will do time machine.

Plan to do a good check of plenty of all estates around the area and then the negotiating can begin based on the advice so far!

Thanx again for ur comments.

In Jan 2012, 2-beds in Phoenix Park Racecourse are asking between 1000 and 1300pm on Daft.
Any know for a fact the actual price 2-beds there are renting at?