Renting in North County Dublin

Hi all,

Myself & the wife and the 1 year old are now are toying with the idea of moving out to North County Dublin i.e Lusk, skerries etc.

I will be working in Dundalk and my missus in Dublin.

I don’t know the area at all and am wondering what I can expect. Any advice appreciated, looking to rent a 3/4 bed.


Dear Desert1

I moved out here around 8 years ago not knowing the place at all and am living in Rush. I would recommend the move, given the circumstances you describe. Train service to town (as well as car parking) is greatly improved in recent years (although still busy at rush hour). Motorway to Dundalk makes that pretty straightforward also (and doing it by train is probably possible, if a little convoluted and not recommended). Some great amenities nearby such as Ardgillan Demesne and Newbridge House (both really great for small kids).

In terms of towns I would recommend Skerries, Rush and then Lusk in that order (although that is just my preference). Rush has really great long deserted beaches and a fab library, but the town itself is a little dull. Skerries has a nice feel to it and a better choice of pubs and restaurants etc although it certainly has notions about itself (check out some of the prices to buy - wowza). Anyway you mention a one year old, so you can forget all that pub and restaurant mullarkey for a few years yet :smiley: . By coincidence I may be renting a 4/5 bed in Rush at some point over the next few months, which admittedly makes all the positive things I said in my opening paragraph highly suspicious. Anyway it is down near the harbour close to the two beaches and is lovely (honest!). Let me know (PM me) if you are interested. Apart from my wonderful offering there is a pretty healthy rental market and you will likely pick something up handy enough.

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I only know Balbriggan -800/month, and plenty of choice. They will be badly furnished, but I have occasionally seen nice ones. You would need to take care about where exactly in the town you choose to live.

If, like me, you had lived your whole in cities like Dublin, then you are in for a really nice surprise. Larger newer properties, well insulated, semi-rural feel, easy commute, and if you like the outdoors, you’re spoilt for choice in terms of cycling and walking.

Any views on Donabate?? There seem to be a few nice houses available there at the moment but not sure what the area is like.

I live in donabate and absolutely love the area. Great community spirit and loads of active social groups. Beautiful beaches and sea walks. Newbridge house close by, train 20 mins into town. Brand new secondary school, choice of two primary schools.

Village centre itself is small but choice of 2 pubs and a few small restaurants. Swords and malahide are close enough for taxi or trains to.