Renting in Ringsend

I’m looking to rent in the Hanover dock area but rents are a bit sticky, sticky on the high side that is. Thinking of expanding the search to Ringsend. Anyone live in this area? Are there any areas to avoid?

Being a Ringsender (originally) I’d say no areas to avoid as such, the natives don’t bite.
Fishermans Wharf is a bit dated now so I’d steer clear. Also avoid over the Spar behind the Library as it gets a little loud. Similar with any off the apartments that back onto the pub Bunitt and Simpson (or whatever they are calling it now).
Some Nice cottages/houses for rent in Stella Gardens and resonable rents. I’d also think ropewalk place are fine and very quite.

See thread on Fitzwilliam Point/Quay as well :slight_smile: Some developments on Ringsend Rd were built in the 90’s but the ones around the dock itself like Hanover were built in the '00’s. Rents are a bit sticky because about 800 people work in Google and an awful lot of their employees rent in the area.

Shmer accurately describes the situation. Have you tried Charlotte Quay(the bigger apts, not the shoebox ones!) or maybe Shelbourne Village?

PS- the pub is called Bunits by the locals :slight_smile:

I rented in Fisherman’s wharf until 2 years ago and thought it was fine, no problem with apartment, quiet etc. They’re small and basic but low rent to compensate

I’d avoid anywhere that you can hear the pubs from such as the apartments above spar

Thanks all, appreciated.

A friend live in The Bottle Works. Nice apts but don’t seem to come up for rent very often.