Renting sucks

My wife, being from California, has always been amazed at “furnished” rentals over here!

Our box room is stuffed to the roof with 3 double beds, a coffee table, a TV unit, pots and pans, curtains and whatever else we could fit in!

Then there’s the couch, we asked the Landlord if we could replace it ourselves as we had mentioned it when moving in and they said no problem. I called him just before we ordered and he’s like, “actually, don’t worry, I’ll get ya a new one!”. Turns up with a vomit green coloured couch that had been lying in a garage for 10 years, wish we hadn’t said anything about it in the first place!

Very well very well, I had thought Part IV only kicked in after 1 year or the end of any fixed term, and then only if you informed your landlord in writing of your intentions.

Happy to be proven uninformed on this and any other matter!

That’s all fine and dandy, but to me the issue is this:

The tenant may be happy to take ownership of the odd jobs (take note of my thread about fixing my door, what an ordeal :slight_smile:) but there are cases where a landlord is forcing a tenant to retain poor quality tat in the house. My own landlord refused to remove several items after we moved in. It wasn’t a huge deal, there was a TV and two mattresses we just didn’t want, among other things. We shipped the (giant)TV off to my folks, we have had to hold the mattresses, TV unit, appalling garden furniture etc.

This shit should be thrown in a skip, not kept as clutter, and certainly not be put into storage at considerable cost.

I think there’s an untapped market out there, LLs. Paint your walls and replace your manky carpet, throw out your hideous furniture and target the 20s/30s+ renters who are willing to buy their own couch and make the house theirs for however long they’re in situ.

Alternatively keep renting your gaff out to overgrown students who’ll put fag burns on your Argos coffee table ad nauseum.

Part IV tenancies begin after 6 months.

‘Ovegrown students’. Spot on. That seems to be the prevailing attitude in the Irish rental market from both sides.

I rented a house for a couple of years that belonged to an old lady in a nursing home . Small house with tons of garish, oversized furniture. I had two wardrobes and two chests of drawers in my bedroom, you could barely get around the bed. the decor in every house I ever rented was brutal, mad wallpaper and floral curtains. One landlord let me paint the place and let me off with a months rent. I did a good job too, although I made an error in judgement with the wall colour in the hall - Protestant orange the landlord called it.

Renting can suck alright. My main problem during the boom years was that our landlords kept selling the houses. Twice we tried to buy where we were living but couldn’t afford it. I also hated trying to find a landlord that would accept pets. In one place, we had to put the cats in the car and leave it around the corner when the landlord was calling over as we’d told him we’d got rid of them.

Eh, just to add some contrast, I am renting and loving it. Place is furnished beautifully, but a couple of things that we did not want were taken away. If only landlords could have a bit of cop on…

Will you love it if, for whatever reason, you’re forced to search for a new place? My guess is you won’t love 90% of what the search turns up.

No, but at least there is 10% to work with. I don’t love 100% of what I see available to buy!

90% was wildly optimistic, alas.

I’ve seen plenty of decent spots in my rental search. This is in the 1500-2000 per month range. I’m in a similar situation to Karlos. I think it is very location and price dependent.

There are always pockets of resistance. Chapelizod is one of them. A hidden gem oh and on the south side too :unamused: ( but wait its also on the northside as well :astonished: ) There are fine family homes there the kind you could have 7/8 kids in comfortably if you where that way inclined. Some have huge gardens.

Now there the cats out of the Bag. I’ll never be able to move back I can feel rents and property prices going up as I type :cry:

I’ve done this rant to and some time back. Nice to see thing are still the same.

The Villager is a fine pub also… BD

If only you lot had got “on the ladder” in the early naughties. You would have over half your mortgage paid by now.


I suspect you’ve got no worries there. A quick search for unfurnished rentals in Chapelizod shows a whopping 4 properties: 2 2-bed apartments, 1 3-bed apartment and a 2-bed house.

I think its a lot like asking prices. People see the price and don’t bother trying for a deal. People should ring the agent/landlord and see if a compromise can be struck, like putting the furniture into storage and covering a portion of the cost or something. Dialogue with the seller is the best way to work things out, rather than ranty internet posts.

Karlos, I tried a few times to get “a deal”. Each time there was someone else willing to pay more. So that was the market. Sometimes, you just have to put up with these things(like excess furniture or paying over what you’d like) if you want a family home in a certain area. I don’t see the problem with having a little moan about it though…

ETA: There are people who will put up with bad accommodation in a good area. E.G a friend went to see a house yesterday. It had NO heating or open fireplaces and was quite higglety pigglety as it had been in bedsits. They were asking €1200 and two Italians said they’d take it straight away. It was a good area but when the competition is putting up with no heating, what hope have you got of getting rid of a sofa or bed?

I don’t know about that, but I accept depedning on your circumstances what you want and where you want it may be in short supply.

I stayed put this year but had a good look around on Daft and I’m fairly confident we would have found somewhere suitable. I quite liked the look of some of the places, but we do love where we are now (just to clear that up, I love my rented house, despite the parts I wish I could throw in a skip).

Next year we will be moving and will be renting again, there’s no chance in hell prices will have become reasonable by then. The target will be a larger place for cheaper rent, which is certainly doable on current evidence. We are likely to take a hit on character, but whether selling or buying you often have to make a compromise.

I think the title of the thread should be ‘House Renting Sucks’, apartment renting has a lot less pitfalls. I cant see why anybody that is without child or pet would not choose an apartment, seems relatively old fashioned to put up with a drafty oul house just for the sake of having a garden and a front door.