Rents Crashing in London to 1991 Prices

I just wonder if any of the Friends First Leveraged Pension funds were invested in London

check out Standard Life’s outlook for UK commercial property
See page 5 of 9.

I wonder what Irish rents were like in 1991? Anyone know?

All I do know is that people were getting 10%+ yields back then

It seems they are cutting out the fat quickly in Ol’ Lundun Tan. What with the (convenient :wink:) currency devaluation too, the signs are pointing to economic recovery sooner than most of mainland Europe.

Quinlan Private is up to his oxters in this ‘prime commercial’ rubbish …even paying £1bn for a tower over in Canary Wharf tenanted by Citigroup :open_mouth: and with most of that money borrowed from Anglo and AIB as i understand it .

NAMA will be the biggest landlord in London at this rate …and them all empty or pulling in dribs of cash for years.

But recover to do what? They mostly only move money around and skim a bit off for themselves.