Rents down again - CSO not Daft.

This must be the millionth thread now on rents falling but after all the noise in relation the Daft ASKING prices rising marginally the latest CSO stats show rents falling by 1% in November.

And I know their methodology is a sack of shit. … nt/pic.pdf

I’m looking every 2 days and yes rents are falling in the areas I am watching.

I’ve seen 2 Bed apts in Dublin now or 750 which puts the 950/900/850 2 Bed offerings under a bit of pressure which then blows the 1 beds totally out of the water!

I’ve actually seen a couple of 3 bed houses in D7 and D8 lately at the 800 mark. Even the worst kip of a 3 bed would have been asking 1400 at the height, and for 800 you’d have been looking at a studio/bedsit because one-beds were starting more like 1000.

OW, 1 beds have always been very close to two beds in price in Dublin but yeah, if there’s two-beds going for 750 we should see one-beds for 650, still mostly studios in that price-range that I can see. Of course, those are asking prices :slight_smile:

Does their figure of a 1.9% fall for the past 12 months not tie in with the 2% fall reported by DAFT?

would anyone agree that the social welfare rent supplement is keeping rents stable outside the major urban areas
in wexford and wicklow I see rents remaining around the €800p.m. mark for most 2/3/4 bed properties urban and rural. I think that €800p.m. is in or around what the social welfare will pay up to.

does anyone know was this supplement affected in the budget?

Only thing in the budget re rent supplement is that recipients are now expected to contribute an extra 2 euro from their own means (up to 26 euro from 24 AFAIR).

It was cut recently enough though, it’s one of the things they can do any time. The amount of the reduction varied quite a bit area to area and only affected new and renewing leases.