Rents in D9 / D11 - a little help

Just wondering if anyone had any information on actual rents agreed for 3-bed houses in Glasnevin or 3-bed apartments in Santry (specifically the Northwood development, Parklands/Temple Gardens)?

I’ve been getting Daft alerts for some time now but the type of properties we’d be interested in (what the EA’s call “luxury” but I’d call “nice”) are all asking €1,300 - €1,500pm which is a more than I had hoped to pay.

The supply in Northwood has gone through the roof recently but nice 3-bed gaffs in Glasnevin are a strange beast; some move quick but others stay on Daft for ages. The Q1 Daft report has rents in the areas down around 15% from 2007 peak but the asking prices have pretty much stayed the same across the board so either there are a lot of LL’s still in denial or the asking prices are an opening position and there is a deal to be done.

If anyone has any info (even anecdotally) I’d really appreciate it.



that area is still dear, just because it’s so near to city center. Lived in Temple court Santry in 2007. Paid 1300 for two bed XX . I think now you can get 3 bed in same amount but most of those are two bed and a very few three bed.

Thanks dude, you’re right, not too many suitable 3-beds available. Shed loads of new 2-bed BTL’s though and yet they all insist on asking €1,100pm (“no offers”) so far. We shall see.

I’ve been out viewing mostly to get the lay of the land but Christ, it’s like pulling teeth. I’ve forgotten how delightful Letting Agents can be. Lovely bunch altogether.

Met a few accidental Landlord types too; most showed signs of quiet desperation. Felt a bit sorry for them to be honest.

Can advise about prices in a small development of 2 beds in Beaumont.
c. 18 months ago these were achieving 1200 pm. Know 2 recently were let for 900 and 850.

I’ve just signed up to 1200E per month for a three bedroomed house with garden in D9.

This is less than I was paying in Swords for a duplex apartment, three bedrooms for the past year. I expect things will go down another bit but for now I am happy.

:open_mouth: Nice one!

You wouldn’t have gotten a 2 bed shoebox apartment for less than that a few years ago.

Hi Calina,

Do you mind letting me know what part of D9 that was (you can PM if you’d prefer)? (Feel free to tell me to piss off and mind my own business too though :wink: )