Rentwatch - Amount of 2 beds under 1K in Dublin City

I think this might be interesting to track. My impression is that this number is rising fairly quickly

I’m counting Daft Dublin city centre, south city and north city vacancies.

5+11+13=29 vacancies on 09/09/08

At least 6 of them i count are either for students and/or really sharing or a so called flat which is really a bedroom in a house share!

Whats your point?, do you expect houseshares to increase over time or something?

I believe Gurramok’s point is that such entries are not two beds for under 1k.

Only 1/5 for City Centre is/was a genuine 2 bed.

The North City and South City are mostly genuine ads, but there are a few student accommodation dealios, and some of the other ads are very confusingly advertised.

Like This: is 1700. Haha. How it hasn’t let I don’t know!

Yep , I guess you’re right there.
Those student gaffs will always be there, i’m too lazy to filter them out, but I don’t foresee them making more “noise” over time, the trend should still be there hopefully.

Bugler got it right what i was saying. And yes, i believe the trend is there. Even real 1bed apts for 900 or less are starting to spring up more so there is downward pressure all round on rents.

what? 400*4 = 1600? not 1700

They heard you!! :smiley:

The bee says its price yesterday was 425 and today now 400!

They need to try 300.

16/09/2008 Update

8+10+10=28 Vacancies

23/09/2008 Update

9+5+5=19 Vacancies