Replacement Migration

The year 2000 UN report poses the following question in it’s title and preface:

Replacement Migration: Is it A Solution to Declining and Ageing Populations?

No, but it’s a strategic solution if your goal is to destroy nations. The seeds of destruction for example in Ireland were sown by creating a weapon of mass destruction namely the property asset bubble, that socially wrecked Ireland and kick started the population replacement proper. It cleared the demographic deck of Irish generations and once more cast them to the further colonies, caused chaos and confusion, demoralisation and and social incohension. It weakened Ireland in every area, and the regime at the time of which some of the same players stand in your face day in day out, were self evidently pro-active and protected enablers of the destruction, the infiltration, to stick the knife in and twist over time, or else the full effects could not be wrought. This made way for impositions of the final and first global revolutionary agenda with impositions so diametrically opposed to the idea of an Irish nation it required a lot of marketing, hope and sheer belief, in other words, a very well constructed and curated mass mania.

Yes, bubbles are the Menace Central Bankers weapons of Mass destruction.


Evidently the document was written as a “report”, but really it was poised to enter the cybernetic head-space, to allow conversations occur for imprinting on the impressionable western (skinner) minds to believe a replacement outcome is not just inevitable but the only hope. The relentless reinforcement of population decline and population ageing also being the unquestionably inevitable destiny for western nations, is done by presenting this desired outcome as a fete accompli wrapped in a because affluence (strawman) to school you in the wonderful matter, that aren’t you better off because of the because, while very cleverly underplaying the final solution as maybe not being enough or totally effective, and you’re still OK becasue affluent, making sure to framed without correct contextual and critical analysis as to why people started to forget how to have babies, the solution is not the thing that always worked before, the forever solution and so the absence of normal because the numbers is rather telling.

Major findings of this study include:

  • During the first half of the 21st century, the populations of most developed countries are projected to become smaller and older as a result of below-replacement fertility and increased longevity.

  • In the absence of migration, the declines in population size will be even greater than those projected and population ageing will be more rapid.

… but really, in the absence of the natives or natives having babies.

  • Although fertility may rebound in the coming decades, few believe that fertility in most developed countries will recover sufficiently to reach replacement level in the foreseeable future, thus, making population decline inevitable in the absence of replacement migration.

Oh yea rebound where and from whom, you surely don’t mean the natives!? :whistle:

  • The projected population decline and population ageing will have profound and far-reaching consequences, forcing Governments to reassess many established economic, social and political policies and programmes, including those relating to international migration.

[rub hands]

  • For France, United Kingdom, the United States and the European Union, the numbers of migrants needed to offset population decline are less than or comparable to recent past experience. While this is also the case for Germany and the Russian Federation, the migration flows in the 1990s were relatively large due to reunification and dissolution, respectively.

Down playing the real agenda of far greater numbers planned.

  • For Italy, Japan, the Republic of Korea and Europe, a level of immigration much higher than experience in the recent past would be needed to offset population decline.

We really need to plant the most fierce and homogeneous cohesive societies to break them, isn’t that right?

  • The numbers of migrants needed to offset declines in the working-age population are significantly larger than those needed to offset total population decline. Whether those larger numbers of migrants are within the realm of options open to Governments depends to a great extent on the social, economic and political circumstances of the particular country or region.

We need Workers (after under birthing or sending our young off somewhere else to not birth or under-birth elsewhere)

  • If retirement ages remain essentially where they are today, increasing the size of the working-age population through international migration is the only option in the short to medium term to reduce declines in the potential support ratio.

Right so we’re gonna rely on foreigner workers to becoming a majority and prop up our pensions, and be very happy about it all, sounds a lot like when people relied on investment gaffs and the young to pay the rent to prop up that bricks and mortar pension, what could go wrong! :man_shrugging:

  • The levels of migration needed to offset population ageing (i.e., maintain potential support ratios) are extremely large, and in all cases entail vastly more immigration than occurred in the past.

Words, betray the truth, but we don’t do truth with numbers, like billions, and most people don’t visualise or conceptualise the consequences when it the words not the numbers.

  • Maintaining potential support ratios at current levels through replacement migration alone seems out of reach, because of the extraordinarily large numbers of migrants that would be required.

If only we had some other global humanitarian crisis we could use to justify incredible levels of mass people movements, some kind of new-type refugee status, where borders dissolve because of the global component of the crisis… something change:thinking:

  • In most cases, the potential support ratios could be maintained at current levels by increasing the upper limit of the working-age population to roughly 75 years of age.

Inject! Inject! Inject!

  • The new challenges being brought about by declining and ageing populations will require objective, thorough and comprehensive reassessments of many established economic, social and political policies and programmes. Such reassessments will need to incorporate a long-term perspective. Critical issues to be addressed in those reassessments would include: (a) the appropriate ages for retirement; (b) the levels, types and nature of retirement and health-care benefits for the elderly; (c) the labour-force participation; (d) the assessed amounts of contributions from workers and employers to support retirement and health-care benefits for the increasing elderly population; and (e) policies and programmes relating to international migration, in particular replacement migration, and the integration of large numbers of recent migrants and their descendants.

Or, the challenges really being the opportunities of ~killing~ depopulation by what ever means, will hollow out the structure and we can slip in slow at first but then very quickly, the “new-normals” until the ratio flip in key demographic economic segment we don’t even need to have a majority to dominate the former nation, social demographic demographic balkanisation of nicely indebted new-normals.


You’re on fire OW.

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If people had the means to have lots of babies (housing, finances, time) then a lot more people would be making the choice to have a lot more babies. Or maybe that’s just my generation, most childless women never consciously decided to be childless, they got brainwashed by muh career, thinking they could have it all and thinking they still had time… Have the younger ones consciously decided against having children at all now?



Many, many Brits feel betrayed by the Conservatives.

STEPHEN GLOVER: If the migration forecasts are correct, this is a Tory betrayal on an epic scale

Almost everyone who has examined the 2016 EU referendum has concluded that a desire to rein in mass immigration played a major part in the vote to leave.

The British people aren’t racist. But the slogan ‘take back control’ resonated at a time when the number of immigrants, particularly from Eastern Europe, appeared to be rising year by year.

After the result, the Tory Party seemed finally to have got the message that something concrete had to be done. The 2019 Conservative manifesto promised that ‘overall numbers will come down’.

At last, the Government — rather than Brussels — was in a position to determine how many legal migrants should be allowed to come here every year, though admittedly, the much smaller number of illegal migrants trying to cross the Channel in small boats can’t be easily regulated.


What has happened? Have the Tories, armed with their new powers, fulfilled their pledge to bring down net legal immigration? No, they have not. But they haven’t merely failed in this endeavour. They have made things far, far worse than they were before.

STEPHEN GLOVER: If the migration forecasts are correct, this is a Tory betrayal on an epic scale | Daily Mail Online

Many, many French, Spanish, Italians, Germans feel betrayed by their establishment politicians and media. Irish dissidents are in great company.

Meanwhile the tiny, under siege, Irish political and media establishment fall back on their age old, long cultivated methods of coercive control to keep a stranglehold on Irish public discourse.

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It says “identify” :clown_face:

Able to work. Replacement in plain sight.

Irish artists fail to draw the dots


This comment is interesting… these Ukrainians arrived sonce 2013… got established themselves & now helping others who come over.

In case you forgot the scale and reach and agenda is full steam ahead.

Change the law fund the parallel Menace political system aka NGO’s,

Menace is a full spectrum parasite.

The laughter! The laughter is gone…
When do you hear laughter these days?

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Some are known to eat you out of house and home.


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In my experience people in rural communities are always more happy to receive newcomers if they are helping keep the school numbers up but widely advertising them getting free rent in a sutuation where there is widespread dissatisfaction with the planning laws and other barriers to native family formation can only hinder their integration.


I will say this in this instance. They are Spanish. How many Irish are living down in Spain. I enjoy the place myself regularly. I may well end up retiring there.
We had some debate on this twenty years ago, it was widely accepted (if not universally) that we would see freedom of movement within the EU. The Irish have much in common with the Spanish.

I don’t think this should be conflated with the criminal acts of State Bodies in promoting wave upon wave of non EU migration and replacement of the Irish.

The Irish don’t really want to be agin everything. The Irish are in such dire straits now they need to pick their battles.

Did anyone know such a scheme existed?
Could Irish people apply?
Why were Irish people not picked if they couldn’t apply?
If Irish people could not apply why not?

Or, is it really that obvious why this family was picked above the rest?

Let’s not forget about this one as well

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