Replacement Migration

Diggin’ on this a little more I see it’s a local initiative. Not Gov connected afaict.

This is from April.

That’s exactly what the father plans to do. Save for an Irish mortgage.

Since they’ve gotten a 5 bed gaff and the people had five children, I think we can connect the dots on how the decision process went, because typically Irish families are not that large anymore so whatever the sample set was in the over 1000 applications, how many Irish families were even present in the applications (how did one apply? Take a drive? Have a chat with a local?), and how coudl they resist adding an extra 4 children to their target of 1 more child to keep the school open.

The thing about Spain is, it has a functional property market for sale and for rent where there is no lack of supply afaics and you can find places to live at all prices levels, levels that simply do not exist in Ireland, and I really mean all levels.

10% FTB dep[osit of an average Irish gaff @ €300K, is, yes you guessed it, €30K.

€30K in Spain is more than 50% downpayment on a 4 bed apartment for under 60K, there are probably cheaper but you get the idea. With that kind of wedge you might buy one and then a second and become a landlord at the same time as securing your forever home. The sky is the limit, in Spain.

So one mans deposit for an Irish gaff is another man heralded a cash buyer on the yellow brick road to landlordism and becoming the local property Don!

“…Oh it didn’t work out, we’ve relocated back to Spain, the children didn’t settle, they missed their abuela, and cousins, etc. etc.”

Emigration is not all roses, but it can be if you know how to play the game.


Free gaffs for north Africans.

Housing the rest of the world and it has been going on for at leat 10 years, it not almost two decades.

Told ya, there is no housing crisis. It’s something far far worse.


The streets of Blackrock no less.

Taking it to their heartlands