Repo in Killiney

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Seems to have been a bubble purchase despite the fact they’re in their seventies. The house was only built in 2004 and currently listed for €2.2m. … ey/1247060


According to the 6.1 news, the couple have a lot of other properties which are all “leased”.


Joe Higgins and RBB need to get out to Killiney at once.


Good idea. We can follow up the by visiting some hospitals to lecture the lung cancer patients about why they shouldn’t smoke.


This and the O’Donnell thing today illustrate the egregious sense of entitlement of a certain sector of Irish society. For sure lets not make 'em sleep at the side of the road but FFS if they’ve lost a bundle why aren’t they living in a 2 up 2 down rental?


Well both groups contributed to their own misfortune. My view is that anyone losing their home in their 70s is a tradegy, whether they live in a mansion or a cottage.


But but their in their 70’s sure people are living longer, the age of retirement is older surely they could pay back 2.2 million in the space of the rest of their lives! I mean they have another 20 years of working ahead of them clearly any banker can see that!!! LAUGHABLE! In their 70’s! Smell of Celtic Tiger!!! 8DD 8DD 8DD


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Still no details


Asta Kelly’s side of the story: … -killiney/

Some strange opinions…


Ha, ha, ha. Couldn’t bear to listen to more than 2 mins of it. Comparing an eviction from a 2 million Killiney home to the 19th Century evictions in Ireland - disgusting.


De people only want to see celebrity evictions please. Your seanies, your liams, your fingerses…


Not for the first time the level of intelligence being displayed on the comment section of a media outlet leads me to believe it’s going to be a very long recession…


not one pertinent question pertaining to the mortgage was asked.

Comparing themselves to the evictees of the land league era is deluded.


See the arrears’ figures … slow down in the rate of increases … In other news some people in the wealthy/classes decide not to strategically default, guys with nice houses and good pensions…


Dear god, I just wasted several minutes of my life listening to that spin piece… XX

Got to her calling for a mortgage write off and closed it



I feel sorry for the individuals and it is sad that they are losing their home.

I hope they get re-housed quickly.

However what did they expect the bank to do? Let them live there for the rest of their lives?


I was thinking exactly this when I saw Killiney and the price of the house…


Brendan backs up his wife’s views on comparison with historical evictions…

Court granted repo order in June 2010, so obviously this pair have been treating their mortgage as an optional extra for some time…


On RTE 6-1 they reported that the protagonist here is a landlord who owns several other, rented-out properties.