Repo in Killiney

bang on…i said in an earlier post this did’nt all fit and the remortgage money was out there somewhere. London looks to have got a lot of it…and I’m waiting to see what they ‘own’ in Germany also!
Why were they amassing such a property empire/debt at that age…it appears they had no kids so was some lucky nephew (or maybe the cats and dogs home) going to inherit all this. It makes absolutely no sense to me

This guy is a genius. What an own goal for the debt forgiveness cabal.

Question now is why did the bank take so long to repossess on someone with such a large property portfolio!

AFAIK, they’re on holidays.

+1. And an inglorious end to Occupy Dame Street.

At a time in his life when he should have been moving any investments to less risky and more liquid asset classes and, as an accountant something he should have known, he borrowed massively and put it all in property.

In doing so, he actively played his part in inflating the bubble, driving up property prices and fuelling bank lending to developers who could then build and sell to people like him.

His London apartments are all saleable and rentable. He will not have lost on these, unless they have been remortgaged. Canary Wharf is booming.

The Occupy movement, Boyd Barrett, Mick Wallace, New Beginnings are deservedly making fools of themselves in supporting people like him.

I doubt if there are enough members of Occupy Dame Street to occupy all his properties.

I am just amazed at any sympathies being expressed for him.

The code on handling mortgage arrears and re-possessions is clear. It is genuinely hard for banks to re-possess primary residences. … 202011.pdf

Non-co-operation is defined as

Wow. Clause 48 is a humdinger.

Is the tent still there?

Maybe in time we might come to see him as some manner of unlikely hero. :open_mouth: XD

Glad to see this sentence in the Irish Times article about the London properties:

SO glad to see they’ve chosen not to refer to it as their ‘family home’. :sick:

Exactly! That is the narrative we should be trying to get out. Anyone on for calling Joe Duffy, writing a letter to the papers, etc?

trag·e·dy (trj-d)
n. pl. trag·e·dies
a. A drama or literary work in which the main character is brought to ruin or suffers extreme sorrow, especially as a consequence of a tragic flaw, moral weakness, or inability to cope with unfavorable circumstances.

Yes, it certainly counts as Greek/Shakespearian tragedy :smiley:

The other bit that is relevant is that the weakness is held up in the literary tragedy as an example to all… I think we have a bit of that too…

Yabut is the tent still there?

If it is, it might not be for much longer!

Won’t someone think of the poor pensioners! :-GC

This guy has 34 properties that we know of. Is an accountant and still employed. He’s also over 70 so would he get a free medical card?

I think someone AFAIK’ed that they have gone on holidays…

probably a camping holiday so… :-GC

i think anyone over 66 gets it, ever since they occupied the church that time FF tried to take it off them

Are they still in the tent?

Lovely weather for camping, I hope they have laid the ground sheet properly

Medical card is means tested for all now.

Probably staying at the Four Seasons at night and camping by day. :smiley: