Repo in Killiney


I watched the video for the first time there. The wailing D4 chorus and their giant Landcruiser.

I feel sorry for the guy now after watching. Not because he lost a huge house he couldn’t afford to stay in. But because he is so deluded. “Get off my property” etc. when its mortgaged to the hilt. Not making proper provisions for leaving. Delusion.

I feel sorry for the wife too. Being married to such a deluded person.

I find New Beginnings sinister with their evocation of young families and penal times, in a story about this landlord. … 87151.html

I think our media are a f**king disgrace too. Day 1 reporting on this was shockingly bad. When the guy refused to discuss his financial position generally the alarm bells should have rung. The truth only came out after detailed PR company style leaks on his land registry dealings to Indo and Irish Times, presumably from IBRC.

But New Beginnings are the real villain of the piece. No question of people just moving to a 2 up 2 down somewhere because they can’t afford Killiney.

This Kelly guy is not a criminal. Not paying back your debts is not a crime. But he pushed his luck and was deluded.


Doctor, doctor. I have a terrible problem. Sometimes I feel like a teepee and sometimes I feel like a wigwam.

Ah there’s your problem. You are two tents.


Occupy Dame Street are being banged like a rusty gate on Facebook over their support for the Killiney squatters.


Any Occupying going on in Killiney??


They are new Labour :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Took a spin past the entrance to St Matthias’ Wood earlier. Sadly, no media scrum was evident anywhere - very quiet altogether.


I really just can’t get over how extravagant they are…there are two of them and that is a six man tent :wink:

(stolen from Paul Sommerville)


What are ya on about HiFi; sure this is RB-B’s natural envrionment; champagne socialism all the way in DLR !


Love it. B-B as a fifth-columnist - “oh you can’t have property tax, it’ll hurt the poor snigger”, “oh you can’t have water rates, what about the great unwashed snigger


Spot on, Boyd-Barrett is constantly on about the weakest in society, yet bangs on about the “plight” of teachers, nurses and guards who earn well above the national average wage, while 1.2 million workers earn below the national average. The left are a complete joke, just like the rest of them.


Occupying Killiney must be very tiring. :unamused:


So how should one of his tenants be dealt with if he decided not to pay rent to Mr Kelly?


Surprisingly little coverage about this in the Sunday papers and on the radio talk-shows this morning. Looks like the Kelly’s might have been advised by friends/neighbours to retreat quietly before losing what little support they have…


… and of course not forgetting this guy’s tent:


That, and the fact that the complete story “message” is now at odds with the Media’s agenda.

The Kelly’s have turned out to be not just unhelpful, but damaging, to the interests of a the “where’s my debt forgiveness?” brigade.

Omnishambles for ING. Kill off the story quick.


Harmful to ING agenda alright
I think the whole episode has been helpful in highlighting the fact repossessions should occur and in many cases these people deserve little sympathy. BTL’ers in arrears should be rightly worried.

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What the fck?


More like …


Asta La Vista, Baby.


Knife cutting close to the bone. A 69 year old who may or may not be leveraged or gone guarantor for offspring who are now in default realises he may also be kicked out of his house. Many elderly people who figured they were immune from the bust now realise they have no place to go if the baliffs come calling.