Repo in Killiney


Is the tent still there?


Maybe in time we might come to see him as some manner of unlikely hero. :open_mouth: XD

Glad to see this sentence in the Irish Times article about the London properties:

SO glad to see they’ve chosen not to refer to it as their ‘family home’. :sick:


Exactly! That is the narrative we should be trying to get out. Anyone on for calling Joe Duffy, writing a letter to the papers, etc?


trag·e·dy (trj-d)
n. pl. trag·e·dies
a. A drama or literary work in which the main character is brought to ruin or suffers extreme sorrow, especially as a consequence of a tragic flaw, moral weakness, or inability to cope with unfavorable circumstances.


Yes, it certainly counts as Greek/Shakespearian tragedy :smiley:

The other bit that is relevant is that the weakness is held up in the literary tragedy as an example to all… I think we have a bit of that too…


Yabut is the tent still there?


If it is, it might not be for much longer!

Won’t someone think of the poor pensioners! :-GC


This guy has 34 properties that we know of. Is an accountant and still employed. He’s also over 70 so would he get a free medical card?


I think someone AFAIK’ed that they have gone on holidays…

probably a camping holiday so… :-GC


i think anyone over 66 gets it, ever since they occupied the church that time FF tried to take it off them


Are they still in the tent?

Lovely weather for camping, I hope they have laid the ground sheet properly


Medical card is means tested for all now.


Probably staying at the Four Seasons at night and camping by day. :smiley:


I think the winner of the worst piece of biased, emotive rubbish written about property woes, hereby named the annual “Constant writing… abruptly” Award is Edel O’Connell for her piece. Don’t let the sober title “Screams of ‘let me go’ as bailiffs move in” put you off, it heats up once you get into it.


Maybe the couple are Queen fans?


Thanks. I’d been looking for that one. I had read it at the time but since then, with so much noise about the whole story, I couldn’t remember whether we actually had confirmation that the Indo were on the spot before the eviction happened and this story confirms that they were. Yet another confirmation that this eviction was deliberately planned to be a media event and didn’t just take off organically from a You Tube video.


Googled Occupy Dublin and quickly came across this nugget,

emphasis mine.
Wow, the bailout is the reason the property prices crashed.
Reminds me of hearing an earnest young anti Iraq war campaigner who said that 9/11 was revenge for the 2002 US invasion of Afghanistan. Never let sequence get in the way of a good protest!


Wow, great catch.

The other corollary of what they are saying is that the property bubble was acceptable, or otherwise didn’t need bursting. That things were ok before the bank bailout caused the crash.

I don’t care that they are sincere and that their hearts are in the right place (I don’t question that for a moment), I simply will not accept such braindead nonsense. We now have the ULA opposing Denis O’Brien paying property tax, Occupy siding with 21-property owning landlords and both of them yearning for the bubbletimes to return, via stimulus-fuelled “growth”.

Are these people the fucking PD’s or what?? I’m more right-wing than a Burmese Lieutenant Colonel with indigestion, and my position is significantly to the left of Occupy and the ULA on all this. Absolutely fucking ridiculous.


Even if she doesn’t understand “thus”, I doubt she’ll let facts get in the way of her protest touring. The protest as an event seems more important than any cause.
I have to put my hand up and admit that I went on my first student protest without the foggiest idea what it was about, it was day out away from the glum concrete numbness of an 80s regional technical college. We didn’t even make it to the end of the march!


Why are you surprised? From day one you could tell that these occupiers were protesting because no one offered them a place at the trough.