Repo in Killiney


Stewart House is a shoebox rental operation on Parnell Street Dublin 1 …why won’t he move into his own slum in the City Centre. ??

From what I can see there are more hits for to let on daft than registered flats. Only number 1 is registered … in1_10.pdf


Anglo didnt really do mortgages so security from some other unfortunate investment most likely.


Front page of todays Indo … 85588.html


Visited (I feel dirty) to get the temp. of the public - delighted to see firmly against these jokers.

They should have left quietly and kept some dignity. I hope this will smoke out the “house sitters” of SCD.

One more for the housing stock.


XX Just on Newstalk, more Land League nonsense, Christ wept


Despite all the guff and pathos about Anglo I think that Fingers was this guys banker and not Anglo.


Same story in the comments on the Indo story.


I hate the way they spin it, crowbars in hand, scaling walls, physically dragging them out. Sure what are they expected to do? If they asked them nicely to leave they’d still be there. It’s not as if they didn’t know. Pensioners or not, nobdy deserves to live in a Mansion for free. Plenty of pensioners are house by the state in one bedroom flats and houses. If you don’t own the property and have no money why shuld you be any different.


I don’t know how Anglo/IRBC go about their repo’s but having dome some for one of the non-guaranteed banks, what we used to do was inform the local health board that the people were being evicted so that they would be aware that some short term accomodation might be required. It never was as it happened and none of them became violent in any manner even when they were “family homes”.

Personally I think that “family home” should be redefined as to a house where dependant children live as opposed to just a husband and wife.


Had a look at boards too. Some people are fully in support of them (the couple). If there were no repossessions, we (tax payers) would effectively be paying to keep people like this in their trophy homes. F**k that.

Edit: they owe circa 2 million on the mortgage. HAd they sold two years ago or before they would have got well enough to pay it off and then some


its a sad story allright, he flogged a good business to buy ponzi poo here. At the same time, he knows the rules and if the shoe were to be on the other foot and one of his tenants were to decide their rent was optional would his views on eviction remain consistent?

Furthermore, the bank will have been trying to get him to go quietly for nearly two years and he has been brazening it out on the basis they wont have the balls to evict him fearing a media backlash. Well they did, so his “my house, they took my fucking house” speech is pointless, they arent going to give it back!


Tide of public opinion is against them. I await the expose on their property investments with interest.

I am sure Killiney has a local authority list - the sense of entitlement amongst the monied class is staggering.

Everyone wants to keep their profits and socialise their losses. Maybe he should have, ahem, put the house in trust and, ahem, forgot about it, like some of the leading coporate lawyers in the country.


the elderly owner was on newstalk 1 at 8.45am
basically they are now camping outside the house. he said he’s going to make a stand for all the ‘average’ irish people out there who have been mistreated by banks despite the taxpayers having refunded the banks. He put all the blame on the banks. then blamed the baliffs for scaling the gate to the development without the mgmt company’s permission!!!

the newstalk presenter then asked them if they had bitten off more than they could chew, taking out a 2m mortgage 8 years ago and him now 70. He said he though it was ok at the time as the house was valued at 3.2m!!!

some serious logic at work there. And these people are so far removed from the ‘average’ Irish person…a lot of callers to the Ray Darcy show are saying they got what they deserved but of course Ray is telling everyone to watch the eviction video on the internet and see if they still feel they should be evicted.


The heading in the paper should have been
Property Mogul kicked out of house he couldn’t afford
Aren’t we all entitled to massive houses in Killiney?

Mr Kelly was bleeting on newstalk this morning comparing his situation to what happened in the 1900s
Correct me if i’m wrong but i think it was the tenants not the landlords who were booted out during this period.


Is it possible to stick you debts in trust … and ahem… forget about it? Surely that’ll be the next one.
Zero sympathy here… it’s an easy one… how many of his tenants are being left live rent free in their properties for 2 years? or even 2 months?

If he is bankrupt… then why hasn’t he declared bankruptcy?

I’ve more of an interest in the fawning piece in the paper not reporting factually… but colouring the eviction.
Based on the number of journalists I know who are up to their eyeballs in debt through property… I can understand the logic in trying to colour the discussion.

“Evictions bad… no matter what!”
When in fact sometimes they aren’t… sometimes they are valid… and sometimes they aren’t.
This appears from what has been drip fed by the media… that it is a valid one IMO.


Just on the market, desirable 5 bed house for sale in the once-affluent suburb of killiney. Front door may need repairing. Offers over €50k in a brown envelope to Seanie, C/O Nama.



An enterprising journalist needs to start snooping - bound to be some exploited non-national tenant somewhere in the woodwork who was living in one of this guy’s rackrent bedsits who has been threatened with eviction for being short a few hundred quid on the rent


That indo article is the most one-sided bull crap I’ve ever read. The poor elderly frail woman. She’s 61! She’s well able to be out lunching with the girls I’m sure.

Boot them out. They definitely seem to be starting with the ones noone would have sympathy for and guage public opinion from there.

EDIT: … ey/1247060

The house has been taken down off my home.


Interesting how they couldn’t get i to get their belongings but managed to have a tent at the ready.
His comments in The indo are ridiculous:
"The banks absolutely ruined us. We brought millions of deutschmark to this country over 23 years and we invested everything we had – and they threw us on the road," he said."
They invested millions for their own gain, I’m sure they weren’t sharin the spoils then, so why should I support their lavish lifestyle now? And I never understand why people who have millions in cash just don’t buy their house outright??

"We are going to camp outside the house indefinitely. I am not here to discuss my financial situation, I am here to draw attention to the manner in which these people physically evicted us," said Mr Kelly.
Again I would emhasise they had no choice- they obviously refused to leave the house, how else were they they to get them out? He won’t discuss his financial situation, presumably as he could forsee any sympathy he has evaporating if anyone discovers the extent of his his proprty portfolio and prior investments


I noticed that too. For all our giving out not one person would be brave enough to schedule a viewing anyway!