Report on the accounts of the public services 2012

2012 Annual Report by the Comptroller and Auditor General is out today … rt2012.pdf

The Government Vote Appropriation Accounts are also out … ts2012.pdf

Two biggest Depts

Social Protection
Vote: Net expenditure 13.882bn
including a Subvention to the Social Insurance Fund 2.084bn

The Social Insurance Fund 2012 accounts are published separately. Not up on yet but will appear here … -Fund.aspx

Vote: Net expenditure 12.498bn

Seems the security guards at the National Gallery made a tidy amount of money over a contract dispute

Medical Cards

Governement Debt
47bn in 2007.
192bn in 2012 :open_mouth:

Some reporting of their findings

NTMA managed €137.6bn of debt last year … r-general/

Report says Government debt up almost 14% in 2012 … -1.1545097

Government wasted €3m on a unfinished post-mortem centre which had to be demolished due to safety risks … 21824.html

Irish Examiner
CSO paid €300,000 in wages to ex-employee … 08615.html

See the last paragraph…