Reported CSO Pop. figures 28/08/2018


64,000 more people living in Ireland in the first 4 months of 2018 … migration/

Addtional link to the CSO report … april2018/


Wrong, that is an ANNUAL estimate made at a time in April (a pseudo census in non census years)

However that is a 1%+ population increase in only a year.

Assuming, in a civilised society. that there are 1.3 persons per bedroom or so that means that we had a demand for 50000 new bedrooms or 25000 2 bed Apartments, nationally, in order to cope with population increases.

Lets not assume that the population increase is heavily skewed towards Dublin and that perhaps as many as 80% of the 2 Bedroom Apartments (or their equivalent in 3 bed semis) were required in the GDA and not elsewhere. Lets just assume it is even and nationwide. :slight_smile:

NOW!!! How many did we build again??? :frowning:

Quarter 1 2018 3,490
Quarter 2 2018 4,419
Quarter 2 2017 3,295

2017 (all)

2000 apartments a year is all we are building nowadays.


That RTE report seems to be all over the place as it says:

A real dogs dinner of a report on the CSO by RTE. It’s 90,300 more in the 12 months to end of April 18

But this is interesting at a time of such high unemployment in the likes of Spain, Italy, Greece and soem other EU countries

Gotta keep the cheap labour rolling in


But are they legally entitled to live and work here and if so, on what basis?


I like Irish beef but I think it’s nearly 20 years since I last met an Irish person who actually worked in an abattoir.

Can’t see many career guidance teachers promoting it, unless the kid actually draws blood on the hurling pitch on a regular basis.

Who we think we are and what we really are are two different nations.


So half a Croke Park stadium of non EU nationals, most Islamic, who by definition follow sharia law over Irish law. How many practise polygamy? Does Immigration even check?


This seems remarkably off-topic - in fact most muslims who do not live in Muslim countries don’t believe Sharia law should be the law of the countries they have moved to ( … the-world/). Many of them are as much practising Muslims as Irish were practising Catholics in the 1980s and 90s - on the surface Ireland looked Catholic but we all know what it was like underneath. Many have moved west because they don’t like the levels of control inflicted by extermists.

Polygamy - WTF - are you really scared of that? Don’t look too closely at the sex lives of the ‘native’ population if you think that is reason for fear.

Most of the immigrants are here because big business has the ear of the government and wants the cheap labour. The thing is it’s not cheap any more because of the rents. These are also the people who (along with their kids) will contribute the taxes that will pay for your pension.


Mostly Brazilian and Chinese ‘students’ I’d reckon


25 odd years ago when I was still living in the West, a good few of my neighbours worked in the local meat factory on a part time basis.They were mostly small farmers who didn’t make enough off the land or who had seasonal work such as comes with sheep. Even a brother of mine did a summer in it.
Now, it just doesn’t happen. EU grants have made zombies of the small farmers. They seem to spend their days driving their sheep/cattle from 1 small field to another and thats as hard as it gets. The meat factories would rather young Poles who’ll work for low money and do the hours v’s some soft local lad who’ll want the weekends off and may not show up on a Monday.


I don’t think the money is an issue. That last Irish factory butcher I knew said the wages were grand and all the immigrants were getting the same money, last I heard he had the mortgage paid off early.

I think it’s a combination of it being it being a tough physical job ugly job (his metal apron was a good weight on its own) and certainly during the building boom there being an alternative in rural employment that took locals away from it. Seen plenty of polish lads from agencies doing the dairy jobs that otherwise would have been done by the heirs to the farm who were otherwise occupied being property developers.

Plus demographics have changed too. Back when 5-6 kids was the average for Irish families a meat factory job was a solid earner if you didn’t want to emigrate, we’ve been importing butchers for decades now. I read recently that 95% of the vets in the UK meat industry are EU nationals, the British vets preferring to do the horses and pets. I wonder what the percentage is like for our meat industry.


Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see that from your link. I understand that a majority of Muslims in Ireland want Sharia (although what is meant by “Sharia” needs to be drilled into). What the views of a Muslim population of a western country will depend on where the source (s) of the population is/are, their social background (US historically drew educated secular people for example), how recent they are as arrivals (they will carry their current cultures’ views with them), how well integrated the population ends up being etc.

I’d expect low support for Sharia in Muslim populations in the US and Germany- and quite high support in Ireland (sourced from people from more religious countries, not sourced from secular elite, fresh off the boat etc.)


Believing that Sharia has supremacy is a red line issue for me, interpretation of what Sharia means in practice is irrelevant. Sharia = Theocracy, I will not bear it.

Wow, thread gone really off topic…


That was in 2012 or 2013 when the LPT came in first, all homeowners had to submit ‘a value’ like 150k-200k or 200k-250k.

In 2012 or 2013 there were fuck all properties that could fetch €300k+ outside of Dublin in what was a highly illiquid middle to upper market at the time. You could not get €300k in most of Tallaght or Blanchardstown or Lucan either.

The headline should read, 90% of Irish Homeowners were right in 2012. :slight_smile:


Here is how the IT has spun it today and it seems equally confusing.


Jeez lads, IT from India, US &c.

Oh wait no, it’s jihadis looking to add your sister to their harem. Sorry, as you were…


Defo not the USA/Canada/Australia as that’s broken out separately from RoW. Try again :laughing:


Okely, just India then!