Reports US Capitol Building has been "stormed"



Chatter online that Capital building has been “stormed” and the house and senate being evacuated - so perhaps it’s either agent provocateurs (Antifa in patriot drag or something like that) or patriots, take your pick! :man_shrugging:


This twitter account seems ot be posting a lot of updates =

A combined string of the most recent tweets.

JUST IN - Protesters smashing the doors to the U.S. House chamber.

BREAKING - U.S. Senate chamber is being evacuated and senators are being taken to a secure location.

JUST IN - House members are being instructed to put on masks. Tear gas inside the U.S. capitol dome.

2020 US Presidential Race

It’s all a bit colour revolution-esque imagery tbh, seems a bit too easy right… but hey what do I know, it’s a Republic right??

NEW - Armed stand-off inside the U.S. House chamber.


JUST IN - Protesters have now taken the U.S. Senate floor.

Antifa's Red Army Is Orchestrating A Communist Revolution ...



Multiple string of tweets combined:

NEW - The Pentagon has denied the request to deploy National Guard to the US Capitol.

URGENT - National Guard deployed to the U.S. Capitol.

UPDATE - The Pentagon has denied the request to deploy National Guard to the US Capitol.

URGENT - National Guard deployed to the U.S. Capitol.

JUST IN - Protesters have gathered outside the #Georgia capitol, Georgia’s secretary of state Raffensperger, senior staff have been evacuated to a secure location.

JUST IN - Protesters have entered the Speaker of the House Pelosi’s office.



So I guess I’m not the only one … perhaps this is the reason for the EO yesterday re: Antifa

Anifa told to pose as Trump supporters, you moronic leftists



BREAKING: I am inside Nancy Pelosi’s office with the thousands of revolutionaries who have stormed the building

To put into perspective how quickly staff evacuated, emails are still on the screen along side a federal alert warning members of the current revolution




NEW - Viking photo-op on the U.S. Senate floor.



Bunch of lads and their mates in free gaff… house party?

JUST IN - Protesters roaming the rooms of the U.S. Capitol


I have to say I laughed long and hard watching the CSPAN coverage. This was exactly what the BLM mobs promised if the situation was reversed.

Four years ago senior Democrats refused to accept the election results. - Resist the Result at all costs etc etc… And this is what they have got in payback.

Well when you steal the election in such a blatant way in the five swing states dont expect nice things to happen. As for the longer term I think the Dems might think twice before stealing elections in such a blatant way in the future. I keep thinking of what happened to George Moscone when he stole an election and then deflected the recall election. Did not turn out well. Not well at all.

So just great political theater, nothing else. Its not like its 1968, 1877 or even 1861.

Just going to get another bag of popcorn.


Those lads ain’t too serious at all, they’re jsut having a laugh. Hangin around. Taking it easy. Goofin’ off about the place in some of those pics… maybe they’re jsut giddy.

Timing and ease of entry (scuffles for some optics) seem off tbh… 'course now we have at least one person shot, a female seemingly. So that spins it again, but looking at the video and behaviour. Hmmm…

…also quick reminder this is what the capitol looked like during the BLM protests


Reply indicates this was Lincoln memorial.


Yeah, thats the Lincoln Memorial. The Capitol Police are responsible for the Capitol complex. From what I hear the people over the fence were told, no guns, so any shooting was probably a discharge from a Capitol police / security gun. But who knows at the moment.

After seeing what the Antfia / BLM guys did during their riots against city, state and Federal buildings this mostly looks like a bunch of guys running around. Although I am sure Pelosis office is trashed if they found it.

I hope the guys inside the perimeter now push off quickly, they have made their point. A pretty shocking point. But one that probably needed to be made given all that has happened recently.

It was the Dems who started Not My President in 2016. Almost 40% of them. Well as of yesterday, 80% of Rep and 30% of Dems think the election was stolen. So for almost half the population of the country it looks like Biden is Not Our President.

So if nothing an administration that is lame duck even before the election was officially tallied. A new record I think.

Now where is that popcorn…



they didn’t “breach” or “storm” the capitol building THEY WERE LET IN

Video @ Src:


Thought Shepard Smith was going to burst into tears editorialising out the wazoo on CNBC earlier, (including cutting off the Trump ‘go home’ video from the WH midstream). Pure pantomime.


Simon Coventry is a Bildeberg group globalist first, Irish foreign minister second or somewhere down the list.

Edit - it’s very interesting how panicky Biden comes across today. Anxiety is another dementia sign.


Simon Coveney @simoncoveney

Shocking & deeply sad scenes in Washington DC - we must call this out for what it is: a deliberate assault on Democracy by a sitting President & his supporters, attempting to overturn a free & fair election! The world is watching! We hope for restoration of calm.

Yep the old canard of international calls to respect “democratic” election results to give legitimacy and cover for the steal, pure colour revolution playbook here. I saw some mentions of similar comments from head of NATO and Canadas Trudeau “monitoring” the situation. I expect you will see more as time goes on.

The US is not a democracy, but sure Simon and boys love the mob so much they all act and behave like made men.


So it’s defo looking at lot more Colour revolution Coupy for all the world to see via the 25th if talk is to be believed.

The usual players involved, working tandem, saying the right things, call for the right thing sat the right time, including Big tech lending a further hand to compete the job.

There was a lot of criticism that Trump called out the NG on his own supporters, but clarification on National Gard Call out to DC as follows:

UPDATE - Acting Secretary of Defence confirms it was VP Mike Pence, not President Trump who authorised deployment of the National Guard.

Here is a combined string of a run of tweets from the @disclosetv acc

JUST IN - Mitch McConnell: “Congress will certify Biden’s win tonight.”

NEW - Multiple Democrat lawmakers urging VP Pence to evoke the 25th amendment and declare Trump unfit to run the country. Multiple Republican lawmakers declared they will not object to the electoral vote certification anymore.

Zuckerberg’s Facebook “emergency measures” are as follows:

JUST IN - Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg declared the situation in Washington, D.C., an “emergency” and takes “additional measures” to "keep people safe."

JUST IN - First Lady Melania Trump chief of staff has resigned.

JUST IN - VP Mike Pence returned to the Senate, “and now we will finish the People’s business,” his spokesperson says.

"Future violations of the Twitter Rules will result in permanent suspension of the @realDonaldTrump account," warns @TwitterSafety

BREAKING - Man stabbed outside of Trump hotel in Washington, DC.

JUST IN - Unconscious officer inside the U.S. Capitol grounds. Complex is back on lockdown for an internal security threat.

JUST IN - Cell phone jammers activated near the White House.

JUST IN - Pelosi says House will resume the electoral vote certification tonight.

JUST IN - Republican Senator Mitt Romney urges U.S. lawmakers to unanimously confirm the election results for Joe Biden and condemns the “storming of Congress,” which he describes as a rebellion.

JUST IN - Protesters enter the grounds of Governor

JUST IN - @APStylebook issued guidance on the chaotic protests at the U.S. Capitol today. Journalists should not label it as a "coup attempt."

JUST IN - Republicans are considering dropping or limiting objections to electoral count after today’s protests at the U.S. Capitol (ABC).

Facebook reference, and to think such noble interjection by big-tech might have helped calm BLM riots ripping across the US… not! :roll_eyes:



25th Amendment, Section 4

Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.




JUST IN - Facebook is blocking President Trump from posting for 24 hours, after two “policy violations” earlier today.

Is it getting time to crank up the emergency broadcast system?


Claims via Syrian girl it was Pences security that allegedly shot the woman and in this video and it’s incredibly close range. I don’t believe she survived.