Reports US Capitol Building has been "stormed"



Now here is the odd thing. So the most heavily secured building complex in the world is breached by a very disorganized bunch of guys carrying flags right at the moment of the most important part of the most contentious election in 150 years. And even though the Capitol had survived many sustained attacks during violent demonstrations over many decades it was one fringe group from a large raucous but law abiding crowd that breached the security perimeter and got inside.

If you watched the videos of the still ongoing riots in Seattle and Portland you would know what a real violent mob intent on destruction looked like. And guys in viking costumes are not that.

I can think of one slightly plausible incompetence theory to accountf or what happened. But once you do a cui bono that falls apart. So why did the Capitol Police Chief think that a few very thin containment lines with no serious mobile reserve immediately to hand was a suitable level of policing of such a very high stakes day? Who benefits from the images yesterday. Not the Republicans. Most definitely not Trump. But for the other side it was a pay day better than they could have hoped for.

For the real answer I’d watch what happens to Steven Sund the Chief of Police for the Capitol Police. The Capitol Police is controlled by a Congressional Committee. If Sund is fired and more importantly loses his pension then it was just incompetent that allowed the Capitol Building to be invaded. If he resigns and keep his pension, or stays in the position, then he was very much in on what happened, and why.

Its Police Chiefs pension that will tell the real story of how it happened.

So the Swamp won. The Coup is complete. After four years of unrelenting attempts.


I would expect there to be a reasonable chance of being fired on if I went first through that window. At some point the mob were going to be stopped with all necessary force. The alternative was risking the mob would rip apart elected representative’s possibly the VP.

Their enemies abroad would be laughing their heads off at the Divided States except for one thing. Nothing unite’s US citizens like having a war with an enemy abroad. Wouldn’t like to live in North Korea or Iran at the moment.

Isn’t there a curse that goes “May you live in interesting times”.


I laughed at the footage of them staying within the rope barriers inside.

The majority of it looked like a school trip to the court house.

How did the 4 die. All shootings?
I’ve seen the footage of one, which is horrific.


The coup isn’t complete until Biden steps aside and Hillary or Michelle Obama is slotted into Veep.


Chuck Schumer compared it Pearl Harbor in his speech when they returned to the chamber-they didn’t even scratch the furniture.


As I said, that was the politest “mob” ever. The acted more like they had accidentally got inside the back stage of a concert without an all areas pass.

The first death was the shooting, the air force vet. Mostly likely an accidental discharge. The guy standing behind her was security with an M4 so thats how “dangerous” the situation was.

The other three deaths are all “medical emergencies” deaths. So probably cardiac arrest / asphyxiation due to tear gas / pepper spray.


Given the political horse trading I think its still undecided who take over as VP once Biden is tossed overboard. Plus Kamala is very much in Spiro Agnew territory when it comes to political skeletons. By this stage there is no knowing who will be V or VP this time next year. The operatives have broken a few unwritten rules the last few years so we are very much in uncharted territory. There is a real air of the 1850’s about the situation. The Missouri Compromise has been tossed overboard and the Kansas-Nebraska Act has opened a political hornets nest.

So a tactical victory for the Dems, yesterday, but I think it has set them up for a strategic debacle down the road. Now unavoidable.


[Warning, graphic footage of protester being shot dead: this is a link to footage of shot being fired at close range by Congress security.]


Incredibly staged but no hoax - it has the ring of Ukraine too it, the op which Nuland oversaw under Obama watch. Plenty of people shot in cold blood that time and then burned afterward. Pretty grim stuff.

Ok, so you have seen the video Trump posted on his twitter yesterday where he calmly tells the people to go home peacefully removed by twitter for inciting violence.

Let speculate that the Trump faction knew the fix was in with Pence and thus called the people to Washington DC, they knew the play book right to the end. Then that video makes since in context of the follow US Code (it’s also notable it looks pre-recorded for the purpose):

10 U.S. Code § 254 - Proclamation to disperse

Whenever the President considers it necessary to use the militia or the armed forces under this chapter, he shall, by proclamation, immediately order the insurgents to disperse and retire peaceably to their abodes within a limited time.

Is this why twitter removed it?

Running with the idea, that this is the last phase of a live colour revolution in the US, some therefore are of the view that there are now two governments in play - The Corporate Vs The Constitutional.

In case the G Home Trump video tweet completely disappears here is a bitchute alternative:


Nah. You just saw an airforce vet get shot. The military will go where they’re sent. But white military families won’t be supporting Biden’s wars. That’s done. The ‘No foreign wars’ vibe of Trump was actually his greatest sin against the CFR Swamp crowd. It’s why they need him gone. But the sentiment isn’t going anywhere. They can appoint all gay and female generals, but white people simply don’t want foreign wars.

We won’t really know the meaning of all this for a year. The first prediction is that another Trump style nationalist populist simply WILL NOT be allowed - they would cut them off all media platforms.

It’s interesting how wrong seems to be about this. Only last night he said Trump was 85% likely to remain president. But some interesting takes

No wonder the globalists are constantly terrified of the white male Right. From /pol/:
Today was the first day the Right tried any sort of mass movement and it ended with them storming the capital and successfully causing the Congress to flee.


Lots of very interesting videos starting to pop up. And positive ID’s of people from previous BLM / Anifa marches in the midst of the Capitol Building crowd. What is even more interesting is that the few acts of overt violence were immediately stopped by others in the crowd shouting stop of the Anfifa guys.

The guy showing the video of the Antifa guys arriving in hired minibuses with a state trooper escort strikes me as very believable. The guy with the face tattoos. I have known people just like him in the past, always straight talkers. No bullshit.

The Anfifa and BLM rioters in Portland and Seattle were financed by Dem party shadow groups. Harris and the people around her organized a couple of hundred K of it personally. They put up bail money, lawyers, financing etc and when they DNC started seeing very bad numbers for how unpopular the riots were with likely swing voters it was all shutdown again very quickly. The only people left rioting in Portland are core BlackBloc and in Seattle fringe outsiders. Same story elsewhere. The BLM stuff was shutdown very quickly by turning off the money. The back-channel Dem Party money.

What was really interesting was that apart from a few one offs there was no trouble in San Francisco. Which is a first. Almost totally due to the mayor saying very empathically at the beginning - you are not going to do that shit in my city. She is a tough black woman who grew up in the projects and not to be messed with. She told Willie Brown to fuck off very early in her political career. Unlike Kamala Harris who just fucked him.

So the whole BLM stuff was mostly deliberately orchestrated. As was the playing of a small group of Trump supporters yesterday by getting them inside the Capitol Building. Once a lot more videos come in it should be easier to work out how exactly they were played and who played them.

So on the whole a very professionally done operation by which ever operatives made it happen. Not current TLA’s operative but almost certainly one of the ex TLA op private "consulting " firms that ply their trade in some of the more salubrious suburbs of Virginia. What happened yesterday did not happen “spontaneously”. An opportunity arose and some people made sure it developed to their advantage.

So nothing new here really. Just the stakes are lot higher this time around. Last time they were this high was after 1972 when Nixon was very professionally stitched up by Felt and Sullivan at the FBI. With an assist by people like Al Haig.


Just watched a better video of the shooting of the Air Force Vet. No accidental discharge. She was shot by a guy in a suit, black mask, dark features, heavy set. My guess personal security for one the politicians. Might be Capitol Police but more likely just deputized for job. It was a smaller handgun. Did not look like standard issue police weapon. There were at least three uniformed police right behind the woman when she was shot. One had a M4. Now where this gets interesting is the guy with the M4 moves forward towards door, makes eye contact with guys on other side of the door, raises weapon in their direction and makes a back off this is under control hand signal. Guy with M4 definitely ex-military. Like a lot of cops. He gave the guys the other side of the door a very definitive back off body language.

By now there are at least two uniformed officers giving medical add to the shot woman.

Based on this and other video evidence and given that the person he shot was unarmed, posing zero immediate physical threat to the half dozen police officers beside her, and he shot into a large group of people include police offers in a very enclosed space, that would normally be at least a first degree manslaughter, second degree murder change in all jurisdictions.

It will be very interesting to see if the guy is ever charged for murder. I would not bet on it. Because based on the recent track record only LEO’s who shot violent felons resting arrest get charged.




JUST IN - @FCC has just issued an enforcement advisory reminding all Emergency Alert System participants of their “compliance obligations.”



Ah yes, the EAS/EBS. Which failed to broadcast anything on the two occasions I actually was in a natural disaster and the one time a emergency broadcast buzz broke into a radio broadcast the message was completely unintelligible. Turned out to be a refinery fire 20 miles away.

I do find the Tuesday Noon Siren rather reassuring but it can be fucking loud.

Thats what is used for tsunamis, tornadoes etc and the occasional nuclear war.


Ah yeah, just the lads having a bit of craic, all though the real fun will be when some of these man childs start getting doled out some hard time.


I guess we’ll see…

Nothing ventured nothing gained.

It’s an old dilemma. If they come down too hard they risk making martyrs.


These guys are too stupid to be martyrs.

Doucumenting their crimes before, during and after, but i dont think the “im an idiot” defence will stand up.


Well of the several hundred people inside the building most walked in the front entrance or were let in by the Capitol Police. This is the first “storming of a building” were the vast majority of those doing the storming only walked in the designated areas and moved on when asked.

The trouble makers were at most a few dozen. There was zero preparation by the police around the building for anything more than busloads of tourist. The main “riot line” was a bunch of bicycle cops with maybe half a dozen in riot gear. I’ve seen far more police hardware on the ground for small riots in Berkeley.

On multiple occasions people trying to cause trouble or criminal damage were stopped by others. Now you wont find MAGA people at a BLM/Anifa marches but there were a hell of a lot of BLM/Anifa people in all the places there was violence going on inside the Capitol. An odd coincidence. But there seemed an suspiciously large number number of people in casseur garb in the building. Not the usual MAGA attire.

If you watch some of the Antifa /BLM video from Seattle or Portland then you will see what a real riot is like. They want people dead. And have killed a number of people and very seriously hurt many many dozens of people. And whole blocks of both cites have been destroyed.

This was a very convenient situation created by a very small number of fringe people some of whom it seems where not at the White House demo.

Very convenient. Those five states with unfeasible large turnouts and voting patterns immediately forgotten.

As for the people arrested and charged. I can guarantee you that they will not have the very long rap sheets for domestic violence, sexual assault and other violent offense the Atfia / BLM guys who commit violence have. In the BLM case almost three quarters of them. Just like their “martyrs”. Violent abusers and rapists. Those arrested yesterday who hurt cops will go to jail. With the full agreement of the vast majority of those at the march. Bet you did not see the video of the people who were not doing the fighting making sure any cops on the ground were OK and helping them up.

As for the video highlights you’ve seen in the MSM. Like all edited video they fit the media narrative but not what actually happened. Just like with George Floyd, The narrative is that he was choked to death, thats what the video “showed”. Not the actual fentanyl OD cardiac arrest which is what he actually died of. No physical trauma on body. Funnily enough my reaction after a few second of the first public Floyd video was, that’s an OD. Looked just like all the other OD’s I’ve seen. Just one of the many life skills you learn living in a city run by Progressive Democrats for decades. An ability to tell exactly what the street junkie has OD’ed on. A useful skill if there is PCP or meth involved.

So all in all yesterday is just another day of high stakes political theater surrounded by a miasma of very deliberate MSM lies. So business as usual. I dont remember a big deal being made about the invasion of the Capitol during the Kavanaugh hearing by several hundred protestors. They invaded the office areas too. They caused quiet a near riot in the main hearings for a while. But the reporting of that incident in the MSM was all the usual lies as well. Some psycho bint from Palo Alto who magically remembers decades later a supposed assault which she could remember none of the basic factual details about was suddenly a Star Witness who Must Be Believed. She made at least $500K from those lies.

So lies, lies and more lies. So nothing new. Welcome to American Politics. A full body Contact Sport for at least 245 years.


Exactly. Anyone who can’t see the MSM lies and omissions at this stage is dumber than anyone they label as a ‘dumb MAGA head’


If you look very carefully, you can see Trump dressed up as a Cop inciting violence and goading people in to run riot. Unbelievable!!!

Watch the cop wave everyone in!

Here is another video of Trump consistently inciting his cultish followers to riot at any given chance over the last 4 years disguised as other politicians or media pundits, or in some cases even paying actors to incite violence. The video also includes raw video footage from yesterday’s riots on Capitol Hill showing Trump personally escorting in buses of Pantifa to pepper throughout the the massive crowds of his own supporters, causing them to fly off in an absolute blind rage and steal a few ballpoint pens and envelopes. Crazy!!!