Reports US Capitol Building has been "stormed"



FBI Seeking Information Related to Violent Activity at the U.S Capitol Building


Well, that was quick !


Waiting for someone to shout, “Come here ya big meanie!”… I think I’ve been to pantos as a child with more dramatic tension that this.

Video @ Src:


Just read some more eyewitness reports that some of the people who were up front in violent affrays at the Capitol building were not at the the WH rally. And that original plan for a gathering at the Capitol was hijacked in some way. The actual gathering was planned for the other side of the building but people arriving were lead to the area where the first confrontation happened and then into the building.

Also saw something that that Pelosi said yesterday which rang a few alarm bells. I remember a while ago Peolsi making a big deal about the 25’th Amendment which at the time and in the context of what was going on just seemed completely out of place. One of those why did she bring that up? Now? Sort of moment. It made no sense in the day to day context of what was going on. But in the light of the last two days and the utterly hysterical response of the Dem Leadership to what happened in the Capitol building this was not an accident of events that is being taken advantage of oppertunistically, that it was a False Flag event. Pure and simple. Organized and planned for quite a while.

Thats why there was zero police presence outside and the police were so accommodating to the people who got inside who were causing all the trouble. Thats why Pelosi primed the plot with the completely out of the blue reference to the 25’th Amendment some time ago. Not one part of the media narrative makes any sense if what happened in the Capitol was purely a random spur of the moment event. The narrative is too coherent, too quickly.

So why the 25’th push? I think the Dems and the rest of the ruling class badly want to put Trump in prison for daring upsetting the status quo. As a warning to any others who might think that way. Pure blood lust by this stage. And just like in the 1850’s the Democratic Party may just overplay its hand so badly that it ends in bloodshed. And just like the last time they will get crushed.

By this stage I see little difference between the racist Democratic Party of the 1850’s and the race bating Party of today. Both completely dependent on the black population for their hold on political power. The Three-Fifth Compromise was the foundation on which the Pre-Civil War Democratic Party power was based. And the only reason the North was so intent on abolition. To remove that 25 seat advantage. Today the 80% black voting Democrats are by far the most dependent population group on state and federal jobs, federal mandates, and welfare. By quite a margin. So a perfect example of a dependent client population. Who need to be kept dependent.

Now this will get interesting. Very interesting. As it increasingly looks like a very deliberate False Flag operation. Everything is now in play.


I see Trump is absolutely shitting himself now…talking reconciliation, Jesus. Maybe it was a deep fake or something.


The Apologists are out in force I see and we’re not short of them here on the Pin. It’s a deep, deep hole your tunnelling into.
You’re time is up though he lost the election against a weak candidate when he should have won and he is directly responsible for losing Georgia and The Senate. This is what is unforgivable for the Republicans - he messed it up for them when they know they could have delivered. They were always abandon him when he ceased to be of any practical use - they never wanted him anyway.
The GOP will do what they do best - regroup and configure around a new candidate. This time probably more traditionally conservative. Nikki Haley most likely if she can maintain the momentum she has.
Meanwhile his base instinct has kicked in and he wants to protect his future and that of his children. Can’t rely on Fox news anymore (that horse has bolted too) and Twitter is no more - it will move on too. No point in having millions of followers when your message is no longer relevant. That’s the reality - he’s a loser now. A one term President. He even admitted him himself yesterday. Forever tarnished by the very brush he dismissed his opponents with. He’s a Hillary now. Yesterday’s news.
What happened in the Capitol wasn’t the beginning of anything. It was the realisation that by his supporters that they have no relevant leader anymore. That’s why they are angry. It’s understandable. Trumpism was nothing but an illusion created for personal gain by an individual when no one was looking. They backed the wrong horse in the 2.30 and instead of just losing the race the horse now wants to run in the 3.15, 4.0 and the 4.45. But he can’t. They know that. He knows that. He’s a Loser, Baby.


Well as someone who has being reading detailed election results all the way down to the precinct level since the Reagan years, and is very familiar with state and local politics going back more than 60 years in a few locations were trying to steal elections is a given and has been since first settlement, the election results in the five swing states is just taking the piss. We are way beyond the election was stolen, fair and square, by this stage. As it was in Minnesota for example.

There is no universe in which blacks voted for Biden in five swing states and those states only at rates ever greater than for Obama. Whereas elsewhere Trump got the highest rate of of minority vote for a Republican candidate since 1960. In those states black and minority voting patterns on election day followed closely the pre election tracking polls but in the five swing states the election results were at complete variance with pre election tracking polls. So different as to be of the once in 10^9 years variety.

Or how about swing states where turnout went up 15% above all previous historical presidential elections, even 1932, but only in certain counties. But again, these variations only happened in swing states, and statistical they are so unlikely to happen as to be the sort of event that never happen naturally. Ever. And we wont go into the more votes counted than cast, vote count great than registered voters, etc etc. Which for some reason only happened in a statically significant manner in the swing states.

Yet little of this happened in states with reformed and transparent voting systems. Only in the (very deliberately ) murky voting system states. All swings states as it happens. There was an exactly statistical correlation between non transparent voting system states and very unusual outlier results. Funny that. And anyone familiar with history would know exactly why. I have some great stories from various counties in my state going back many decades. The best ones are from the 1920’s and 1930’s

As for Georgia, did you ever believe for one moment that the people who made very large numbers of votes appear and disappear in the November election were not going to make exactly the same thing happen again in the run off? Once the first real data analysis of the November data from Georgia came in a few days later I read a very accurate predication of the run off election results. Using the very simple premise, that unless the system that created the huge vote anomalies was changed it would produce exactly the same kind of anomalies in the next election. Which it has. After all that is what Stacey Abrams promised, she was going to make sure the Republicans lost. She had the power to do that, And she did.

You have a huge personal contempt for Trump voters, do you actually know any personally? I do and in the most part all very honest hardworking working class people who asked for little and did their duty. Most of the older ones are combat vets. Not REMFs either. It was only the spoiled middle class brats who dodged the draft. The people I know who voted for Trump are genuinely good thoughtful people. The sort of people you want as friends. The people I know who were loudest in attacks on Trump the last four years are in person pretty unpleasant people. Not the sort of people you want as friends because they are so selfish and self-obsessed. Mostly assholes in fact.

So if you took the oath and pulled the lever based on your contemptuous little screed above I would have to assume you are just like almost every other Dem voter I know personally who despite having pretensions of being well informed because they listen to NPR and read the NYT they actually know almost nothing about the candidates they voted for . Just another low information brand name voter.

Because that sums up pretty much every opinionated Democratic voter I’ve known over the last few decades. They actually dont know enough about the nut and bolts of politics to have an informed conversion with. They just recite empty slogans and facile factoids. I can have an informed discussions with Independents and Republican but unless they are old enough to be New Deal Democrats current Dem voters are basically empty vessels.

And all I read above is the rattlings of another empty vessel.


You’re making the classic error of the losing side - you assume far too much. I call it the “Clinton Error” and I’ve been using that phrase for 4 years. It never tires. Trump won last time because he was smart enough (and smarter than the GOP field) not to assume. His best election were the Primaries in mid 2016. That’s when he was at his best - nothing to lose and wanting to win. He didn’t assume. Didn’t bother with “detailed election results” for 60 years. He went out and did it. That’s what winners do.

I know more about the ground level of the GOP party than you will ever know about. Don’t assume. I spend most of my waking hours with Trump Supporters. I’ve seen the rallies with my own eyes. “Tasted the fat” as they say. Awesome events. He could hold a crowd better than most I’ve seen. Knew his base? He created his base - that’s what won for him in 2016.
Election fraud in 2020? There has been election fraud in US politics for years. Sure how did Kennedy win?. Old Joe didn’t assume either. Goldwater? He should have won too but was too honest. Regan - well that’s another story entirely. Barbour in 2007 Mississippi, I was there. You weren’t. Could see it coming. Old Haley didn’t assume either last summer. BGR knew. But you know nothing about BGR. Course you don’t. Where were you on Nov 4th - you reading them statistics from 60 years ago?

But it doesn’t matter. Because it’s done for. He lost. That’s the bitter reality. To the victor and all that. Oh them Dems will mess it up. They always do.
But the Senate, Georgia of all places. Why do you think Chao resigned? Forget it - you’ll never know.


BREAKING: New video showing Trump supporters being allowed into the Capital building

Video @ Src


So we have the Pantifa rabble bused in, let in, then some MAGA blended in too for good measure, but word on the digital vine, is within that were also maybe special ops for that special blend of chaos, add in repots of stolen laptops, one being peloosi’, Fog of war and all that…

… So who is this action-lad in the photo below - possibly armed, ready-to-rock zip-ties in hand and punisher patch for maximum effect?

The media presuming zip ties were for taking hostages is hilarious. Must have never been to a protest before.

Pop Quiz: Who carries around zip ties at a protest and what do they do with them?



And you are making the classic error of thinking that your tiny little world of personal experience of the last decade or two gives you some kind of special insight as against someone who has been living in a much much wider political world for the last four plus decades in the US. I got my political education very early on of exactly how US politics works from someone who was at the heart of it in DC and later NYC from the first very beginning of the first FDR Administration. He still had those high level contacts at the time I first met him. When the Western White House was just over the mountain in Santa Ynez and you would see Donal Regans crew doing their press conferences down by East Beach. Way before your time.

So I have known more than enough people who have played the game at the highest level to gauge very accurately the level of insight of someone spouting off their political wisdom. And yours is very much small time stuff. Someone with real insight of how it works on the inside would have replied in a very different way. I very deliberately put a couple of hook items in my post to flush out if I was dealing with someone who actually knows what they were talking about. Not just the small time stuff they had direct experience of. I’ve been doing this trick for decades. It quickly separates the foolish from players.

Most people spouting off about politics are foolish but on a number of occasions I quickly established that not only was the other person not a fool but they also realized I most certainly was not one either, I knew my stuff, and as a result some very very interesting conversations resulted. The most recent one was in Berkeley with someone who went way back at the state level, both senate and governors office. That was an interesting and informative few hours. I knew the last 50 years of political detail. He filled in the local color.

So based on your ramblings you are unfamiliar with the organization and mechanisms of voting at the state level across the US. You have an outsiders view of the politics of a few small states. You have no direct experience of the politics or senior people of big states (Cal, NY etc) or Fed politics at the Beltway level. And seem to be unfamiliar with psephology and statistics . So pretty much all the subjects the serious students of politics talk about. Whenever I talk to political wonks thats all they want to about. That kind of stuff.

And if you think the Trump was some kind of unique outburst of populism then you must have missed the Tea Party, Ross Perot, Regan Democrats, the Nixon Wave, or even George Wallace and before that the Dixicrates. That gets us back to WW2. Absolute nothing new about the Trump phenomenon or base. Once a decade, regular as clockwork. All the way back to the Free Silver Movement in the 1890’s. The only difference this time is the degree of unrelenting vitriol directed towards it by the Ruling Elites. That was new.

I also get the distinct impression, could be wrong, that you despise the Americans around you. So probably have not taken the oath or if so only as a matter of convenience. Because thats one huge difference between Americans and the Irish. I have heard almost pure hatred expressed by a few Americans against the “red necks”. i.e Trump supporters. Almost always said by odd ball people who fled where they grew up in “Flyover Country” to live in some Ultra Blue City. But with the exception of the criminals psychopaths on both sides whenever there is huge political disagreements, just like now, immense anger, resentment and frustration, the one word I would that i would never use to describe the emotions involved is despise.

Because one thing I have found in the US is that everyone, and I mean everyone, believes that the other person no matter how vehemently they disagree with them has an absolute right to a personal opinion. Very different from the Irish. And the reason that everyone gets so angry, so wound up, is that they all genuinely do care for their country. That it could and should be a better place. For everybody. The building a better Republic for all is not some idle sentiment. Its very real. For everyone who takes an interest.

So unless you genuinely mean it when you say the Pledge of Allegiance, pause for a moment when you see the Stars and Stripes and think what a fantastic life the country has given you and think of its fantastic people , and wish that God Bless America was actually the national anthem, then you will never ever really understand America, Americans or its utterly insane politics. Both Federal and State.

As for the next year, it going to be a total shit-storm. And absolute total shit-storm. For 2020 all us old timers have being reassuring ourselves - it could be worse, it could be just like 1968. A truly terrible awful year. Well I think 2021 will be just like 1968. Only more so. I am going to be soon repositioning myself to ride out best what I suspect will be the absolute worst year in modern US history. So if you made any disaster prep prior to summer 2008, I think you were around back then, it might be a good time to do the same again. Just in case. I really really hope I am wrong about this but it does not look good. I’ve got a very bad feeling about what happens next.


Just curious, in what way will it be a “shit storm”, I understand that the new administration will spend the first few months undoing all that Trump has done, that is expected.
But what else?
Can we expect warfare to break out in some far flung part of the world or something?


Thats “security”. From one of the Black Helicopter units. He is wearing the right kind of ID tabs in the correct places. Should be possible to work out which unit from the tab. Part of the incident response team.

The one really interesting piece of news today is one of Pelosi’s laptops was stolen from her office. They claim it was only used for presentations but for some reason that sounds more like a cover story. We might have another Hunter Biden laptop style story in the future. But without the porn and the drugs.


Well, as a start America is getting an Offences Against the State Act and a Cosgrave '73 President


The punisher logo has been a regularly recurrent image throughout the Q drops.

Yes I mentioned that in previous post, simply hadn’t gotten to post links, so that cover story sounds more like getting ahead with a misdirection (if stolen too they can claim anything leak is fake) but it may serve as a cover if she t was targeted by special ops, if she has been identified as an enemy combatant. Then far game I guess.

Yet that is pure speculation if you run with the 2 power bases now facing off ready to go full tilt. All this is opening acts stuff.

She does seem to be incredibly vexed and demented about obliterating Trump by any means possible, might the laptop be the real reason. source.

Thinking they had the FF in the bag only to have used to infiltrate them deeper, well you can imagine some people like to believe this is true.

It’s all supposition and speculation but s time goes on it becomes more intriguing by the minute.


The shit storm is because about 20% of the population in the biggest Blue Cites are now long term unemployed due to the lockdowns. The economic devastation on the West Coast, SF, LA, Seattle ,Portland is profound. Between 1/4 and 1/3 of all small businesses are already gone. Another 1/4 just hanging on. I dont know what it is like on the ground back East at the moment. NY, Philly and Chicago look just as bad from what I hear. NYC looks apocalyptic.

Once the wave of bankruptcies, fore-closures and evictions start it will be like nothing we have seen since the 1930’s. Nothing like 2008. All the cities are bankrupt, revenue down up to 40%. And California is definitely de-facto bankrupt again as is probably Oregon. Washington might be OK so far.

Just how many trillions can the Fed print before it all falls apart. We are going find out.

Then we have the fact that the majority of those over 40, far less under 40’s, believe the election was stolen. About 80% Rep, 40% Independents, even 25% plus Dems. The last time we had a President starting a term with such an air of illegitimacy about them was with Wilson in 1912. And that first term was a very unstable complete mess which eventually dragged the US in to World War 1. There are a hell of a lot of angry sullen people out there. The mood could get very ugly. And it wont be the BLM professional agitators this time around.

I dont expect a war although the Dems are traditionally the lets start a war party. The Gulf Wars / Afghanistan were aberrations. All the serious wars tended to be Dem Administration affairs. The one really dangerous hot spot is Taiwan now that the Middle East now is just basically Iran v Everyone Else and Israel.

The shit-storm is going to be economic. They are trying to keep the SARs lockdowns going in the big Blue states as long as possible because once they ease off starts then the avalanche of huge problems caused by the lockdowns all start tumbling out.

The only upside for the US is, yet again, its going to be a lot worse in Europe. With the Nordics and the Visegrad countries probably doing least worst.


Yes, I hear you. It is clear that the concentration of wealth is only going one way and I wonder how many will remember that the Dems refused to allow the government to provide COVID financial support.
A collapse of lower & middle income earners will cause real issues, I read on other forums that there is a risk of civil war in the US because of this, unlikely or possible?

As for Europe, the Brexit spanner in the works is already grinding gears all over the place, the huge dependency on China almost makes us very vulnerable to any Chinese passive aggressive actions if the EU tries anything to reduce their trading powers.


Just saw a much better photo of the guy in military looking garb from a different angle. I was wrong, he was one of the protestors. Not in any official response team. The hat has a Second Amendment patch and there are no shoulder parches or lapel ID’s or ID armband strip… Also completely wrong belt and no plate holder straps on his chest. It was the ties that made him look official. They are standard patrol gear in built-up combat zones but usually flexicuffs. Anyone sent in to deal with unarmed protestors would have them hanging from their belt.


At least one police officer died during this. No mention of it yet on thread here but thought it might be worth noting.

Underlying medical condition no doubt, as is the fashion these days.