Reports US Capitol Building has been "stormed"



Parler has been neutralised.

Google yanked app on the Play Store.
Apple gave 24 hours with a warning then removed their the App Store.

A lot of peopel said, “oh it’s still available on the web as a site you don’t need an app anyway”.

Then Amazon hosting services pulled the plug.

Yea but Trump deserved to be suspended cause he is a big bad orange meanie, cause that is all that is going on nothing else. Nothing to see here. No rolling coup. :whistle:


So its definitely a False Flag operation…

Despite ample warnings about pro-Trump demonstrations in Washington, U.S. Capitol Police did not bolster staffing on Wednesday and made no preparations for the possibility that the planned protests could escalate into massive violent riots, according to several people briefed on law enforcement’s response.

The revelations shed new light on why Capitol Police were so quickly overrun by rioters. The department had the same number of officers in place as on a routine day. While some of those officers were outfitted with equipment for a protest, they were not staffed or equipped for a riot.

Once the mob began to move on the Capitol, a police lieutenant issued an order not to use deadly force, which explains why officers outside the building did not draw their weapons as the crowd closed in.

The crowd that arrived in Washington on Wednesday was no surprise. Trump had been urging his supporters to come to the capital and some hotels had been booked to 100% capacity - setting off alarm bells because tourism in Washington has cratered amid the pandemic. Justice officials, FBI and other agencies began to monitor flights and social media for weeks and were expecting massive crowds.

Capitol Police leaders, however, had prepared for a free speech demonstration. No fencing was erected outside the Capitol and no contingency plans were prepared in case the situation escalated, according to people briefed.

Waters grilled Sund on exactly these kinds of questions – about the Proud Boys and other groups coming, about keeping them off the Capitol plaza. The police chief insisted they knew what they were doing.

Now this is the key quote about Sund…

“He kept assuring me he had it under control — they knew what they were doing,” she said. “Either he’s incompetent, or he was lying or he was complicit.”

The department’s leaders were also scattered during the riots. The chief of police was with Vice President Mike Pence in a secure location, and other high-ranking officials had been dispatched to the scene of bombs found outside the nearby headquarters of the Republican and Democratic national committees.

So Sund the Chief of the Capitol Police removed himself from the scene at the very beginning and all other senior command officers were off at the diversionary pipe bombs at both the Republican and Democratic Party HQ’s across town.

Remember , this is a story published by the AP about as MSM as you can get. This was not written by Trump supporting media.

Here are the details of the diversionary incidents that drew off the senior Capital Police officers who were not in on the operation.

So what is described above is pretty much a textbook deliberately engineered incident. All they would have had to do is drop a broad hint to Chief Sund (remember his actual boss is the Speaker, Pelosi not the oversight committee) to treat the expected huge demos as nothing important, make no preps, and then remove himself and the other senior people who could make immediate tactical decisions from the very start of the indecent.

Jan 6th - Washington DC, Massive Rally
"Buckle UP!" - The next 12 days and beyond

How you could read that AP news report (assuming it’s accurate ) and come to that conclusion makes no logical sense.
But anyway to suggest that the Speaker of the House would involve themselves in tactical policing decisions on the Capitol is as ridiculous and trying to blame the murdered police officer for sticking his head in the path of the oncoming fire extinguisher that killed him. How about laying the blame for the shit-show of last Wednesday on those who actually carried it out?

The phrase “textbook deliberately engineered incident” apart from being poor English should be copyrighted.


Well some of us are very familiar with how events just like this have been made to happen in the past. You do know there is at least a 200 year political tradition going back to Andrew Jackson’s election in 1828 of these kind of engineered political stunts. Just because you know nothing about the subject of the tactics of politics inside the Beltway means little. Like to talk about the horse trading behind Peolsi speakership? Follow the money. Because she has most of the dark fundraising money at her call. Its in the public disclosures if you know where and how to look. To pick just one example at random.

How about read a detailed description of the Color Revolution in Kiev and the multiple attempts by agents of the authorities to create, sometimes successfully, “incidents”. The one that lead to dozens of unarmed protestors being shot dead by government snipers being one of the better examples of such engineered “incidents”.

As for the Speakers influence over the Capitol Police oversight committee. Little has changed since the time of the Rostenkowski scandal back in the early 1990’s which shed a very interesting light on the Speakers defacto control over the committee. Which is part of the reason why most of the biggest scandals tend to be bi-partisan. All good crooks in this together while the Speaker calls the shot and sends them to the naughty corner when caught. Or get too greedy.

So a police officer dies of a brain hemorrhage and there is video of a fire extinguisher hitting a police officer, therefor the fire extinguisher must have caused the brain hemorrhage. Great logic. Maybe it did, but much more likely it did not considering the family are intimation a prior medical condition. Now the police officer I really feel the greatest sympathy for is the guy who committed suicide afterwards. By all accounts a really great guy. Now that was a real tragedy.

And having watched very large number of videos of the early events outside the Capitol and many hours of video in the last year from the riots in Portland and Seattle (they are still happening almost nightly you know) I am blaming exactly who is responsible , the maybe two dozen active agent provocateurs who initiation the several flash points and the less than a hundred complete fucking morons who fell for it. Several hundred thousand supporters are on the Mall (it was full), many hundreds are let in the front-door of the Capitol building, and maybe a hundred at most stupid idiots fall for the set-up and all of a sudden its Kristallnacht all over again. Are you so clueless that you will fall for such a well orchestrated political outrage story in the MSM.

Did you ever see the many videos of what happened in the corridors during the Kavanaugh hearing invasion? That riot, sorry affray, sorry non-violent protest, went on for hours. Apart from the three barricade incidents not a lot of difference. Except none of the Kavanaugh “non violent protestors” were shot. Which I might add was a very interesting tactical move. If the shooter is named and prosecuted then it was heat of the moment. If not then we now have confirmed at least one long rumored Secret Service crowd control tactic. Shoot an unarmed protestor to take the energy out of a confrontation when dealing with inexperienced protestors. Real hard core rioters would have stormed the barricade and lynched the shooter. You should see the viciousness of the Antifa attacks on the police officers in Portland. Thats what an actual riot looks like.

That fact the you nit pick grammar in some ephemeral prose I think says everything about your level of argument. And its utter vacuity. So I must guess you never ever learned Standard English because “a textbook deliberately engineered incident” is a correctly compounded agglutinized phrase. Now Fowler may found fault with such a phase order but there again, he found fault with pretty much all the Hiberno Engish forms which seems to be your first language.

And you point was?





Maybe I’m wrong but there was a notable lack of the usual angle of attack, Trump + Big Crowds + Virus = Endangering lives etc. etc.

There was a lot of that when he was campaigning holding massive MAGA rock n’ roll rallies and Biden was in his basement staying home following doctors advice.


Ha ha! I had only hit reply and then glanced at an open window where my gazed landed on the following tweet, SNAP! :sweat_smile:

Paul Sperry @paulsperry_

Bless their hearts, the COVID-obsessed Democrats & their press poodles were so shaken by the storming of the Capitol that they forgot to trash Trump for hosting what they would have otherwise called the “mother of all super-spreader events” --the massive rally at the Ellipse. LOL


Headline in SF Chronicle headline was just that… Trump Rally as super-spreader event. I think I remember the the LA Times had a similar story.


Pro-Trump-Super-Spreaders :rofl:


So is everyone at the inauguration spaced 2mtrs apart or vaccinated?


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Let In By Police

Showing Them The Way

Police Walk By

Staged 1

Support Remove Antifa

The Shit Disturbers

We Are Not Tifa - The Storm Arrived

Father Says Police Opened Gates


Those villionous Rioters cleaning up the mess.

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Jan 7th on twitter:


The founder of the radical left-wing activist group Insurgence USA, John Sullivan, was inside the capitol & filmed Ashli Babbit lying in a pool of blood dying!

Sullivan is a well-known violent agitator in Utah who was arrested for violence against conservatives

CNN interviewed this criminal about the video but seemed to “forget” to ask him why he was there? And why he was arrested for violence against conservatives and starting riots in Utah!

The Daily Mail was to lazy to investigate too!

PICTURED: Trump-supporting Air Force vet killed by cops at Capitol WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Ashli Babbitt, 35, from San Diego, was shot in the chest after chaos was unleashed when thousands of the president’s supporters breached the Capitol.

Meet BLM criminal John Sullivan was arrested for threats and violence against conservatives in Utah!

John was interviewed on CNN about the film he took inside the CAPITOL of Ashli Babbit lying in a pool of blood dying - WHY was he there?

Listen to John threaten Trump & Violence

John was arrested in July for third-degree felony rioting, class A misdemeanor criminal mischief and class B misdemeanor threat of violence.

The video of John Sullivan is from Aug 29, 2020 and was filmed in Salt Lake City Utah

Utah citizens are so terrified of Antifa/BLM John Sullivan they begged authorities to protect them from him!

Wonder why this left-wing criminal who was arrested for rioting in the past was at the capitol?…

More on BLM Rioter John Sullivan

Now this Criminal who was ARRESTED in Utah for starting Riots is being Praised by the News as a ‘Civil Rights Activist’

Sullivan threatened to “Rip Trump from White House” of COURSE he is a Hero to the Media!


Criminal BLM Rioter who Infiltrated Capitol Praised by News as ‘Civil Rights Activist’ (Video) - RAIR


Twit Ssrc:


lol, one guy manipulates hundreds to storm Capitol

The mob hadn’t got a hope, Republicans should give up voting and wave flags and guns in future


Bloody estate agents!


And property developers. Ruin of us all they are.


Now, look at this.




Capitol storm participant who stole Nancy Pelosi’s laptop is found dead.

Christopher Stanton, a 53-year-old US citizen from Georgia, who took part in a riot near the Capitol, was found dead in the basement of his home. It was this man who broke into the office of the President of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, published a picture of her desktop and stole the laptop.


A report from the Crime and Security Research Institute at Cardiff about a “A sophisticated China-linked social media operation“… “which amplified calls for violence before and after the Capitol riot in Washington on 6 January 2021”