Reports US Capitol Building has been "stormed"



Some of it shared by Eric Trump


So it seems the plain-clothes guy who murdered the unarmed Air Force vet in the Capitol in January has been confirmed as Michael Leroy Byrd. The same guy who left his service weapon (which has no safety) in a public bathroom in 2019. That kind of gross negligence is normally an instant termination offense.

So not only was he never named after he murdered someone , unprecedented in such an incident involving law enforcement, but a complete scrub of his online presence including family connections happened immediately afterwards. So at a bare minimum he is Secret Service. This is never done for normal police officers. But one of his job titles was head of security for the House floor which is really not the sort of thing active SS guys do. So with that kind of online scrubbing (it was very thorough) that would point at him being an active TLA guy.

The guy has a history of gross negligence and it looks like there is a family history somewhere in the Capitol Police (same name on the Capitol Police Board about 20 years ago) but the coverup of who he is I suspect is not only to hide his actual employers but to hide the fact that he was using a tactic he had been taught. Killing unarmed protestors.

Also looks like the MSM journalists on the Hill knew the name of who did the shooting very soon after the event but refused to cover the story. As usual.

Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the US