Repossessed houses taken off the market?

Hello folks,

Has anyone heard that one of the agencies/companies who are selling Bank repossessed houses have pulled all their properties off the market in the last week or so? I was bidding on one of the houses and the estate agent just informed me that the ‘agency’ has removed all properties they had for sale from the market. He said they’ve done this across the country - its not just with him.

Has anyone heard about this? Anyone know which agency pulled the properties?


It could be going to another agent. Happened before where a number of repossessed houses when from a small local EA to a large EA. Could be a delay in readvertising of a couple of months in this scenario

There were a couple of these in Galway pulled last week. One of them is now up for rent, so it may be worth checking the rentals and reporting back.

If they do rent these out then that is great news for renters as it is better than them sitting empty.

It’s not that Allsops fiasco yer talking about, is it ?

No, not the Allsop auction.

Sounds very much like what khard mentioned happened in Galway. Estate agent did say he thinks they’ll go and rent what they can. But some of them (including one I was interested in) are un-rentable, as its been stripped completely. Would require major investment which I doubt they will do. Am wondering if they’ll sort the rentable from non-rentable and then re-advertise them?

Anyone know that the agency is?