Repossession's terrible toll … 01/ireland

Apart from substance abuse you would think that she is talking about the poor. How can we have poor professionals. :open_mouth:

These New Beginning crowd have popped again on radio.

What’s the angle I wonder?
Could you turn debt into a political movement?

It is funny how you can corrupt language e.g. “Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere”

They should have called themselves

See! It’s not just the poor and undeserving! It’s nice middle class people like you and me.

Innocent victims, held up at gunpoint. No greed here, no sir.

Also, note the shift in emphasis. We’ve gone from “protecting the family home” to some form of bailout for those who gambled and lost on “investment products”. Where’s their NAMA?

Nobody is suggesting it is. The only people being brought to court are those who refuse to engage with the banks in any meaningful way.

I notice this piece fails to suggest any new ideas, bar the uncontroversial one of implementing the Law Reform Commission proposals. So what do you propose?

2/10. Waffle.

What’s that saying the legal eagles have; Hard cases make good laws ??

No, it’s:

So trotting out a berieved wife as justification isn’t exactly in keeping with that. As has been said before, we do have a Bankruptcy law, even if it is a harsh one, but 12 years of bankruptcy is still better than suicide.

Well, yes and no.

My understanding is that only a creditor can apply for a debtor to enter bankruptcy proceedings - you can’t elect to do it. Even if you want to. Even if you are insolvent.

Barristers good :smiley:

Barristers bad :imp:

Has that ever been an issue though ?

If you want to have a creditor do the necessary you just need to go out buy a nice mercedes & then never make any payments on it !

I thought Seanie Fitz declared bankrupcy himself. I don’t remember Anglo facilitating it.

Jaysus… you loose your gaff ( I think count yourself lucky no?) so you rent another one in the meantime you manage the outstanding debt with one of the pillar banks who are like so predatory… so far

See what is going on here is “only show in town” logic as a base denominator, like they have out sourced populism to McDonalds. Know what I mean?

Society as it is structured… is not.

As being in favour of debt relief (on the basis of you cant collect what you cant) this fucking logic makes me want to scream. Even fucking Isabel credited them with having balls to take the debt. Coaxed my arse.

24 months in the UK and your all clear. Preferably I’d move elsewhere and write to all my creditors telling them I’ve gone to OZ. Fuck it anyway. You only live once.

The serious pont at the heat of this is that the consumer debt needs to be destroyed. We need to stop competing with each other. It’s just a fucking ride.

You were spot on last night.
A few words (from Morgan of all people) and all of a sudden you have government denials,then acceptances,then denials,disgusting fake (and make no bones about it folks it was utter fucking fake bullshit) letters to the nations rags,Brendan coming out from his rathole,Consty having his few words,the prof Luce getting it all off his chest and before we know it the cuntry is gone nuts on their prospective Nama.

It reeks of rats and a good time to bury bad news/or something to get their teeth into on the eve of their return to school.

I don’t buy the conspiracy theory myself. Neither Kelly nor Gurdgiev are the types to cooperate with a plan of this sort. I’d put it down to the August silly season, people on holidays, government slow to respond.

Indeed. “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity” probably applies here.

Probably but none the less they all chomped like there was not a bit left in the house.


These New Beginnings people are entirely right in this respect. Ireland desperately needs a bankruptcy law that allows people to go broke, lose all their possessions, and much of their income for a while, and eventually start again. It’s shameful that the current government is in power for several months, and they still have not passed this legislation.

That’s interesting. In the past New Beginnings has always represented itself as an organization to help ordinary home purchasers who paid way too much for their home, and have now lost their jobs. They offered to represent such people in court and tried to establish precedents that would make all repossessions more difficult.

In my most cynical moments, I sometimes wondered if they were entirely above board. Could they be using these unfortunate people’s hard luck cases in order to establish the precedents? And then once the precedents were established, they would use them to try to get so-called property investors out of having to pay back their debts? You know, people like lawyers, who we often hear have made huge speculative losses in property. I was slightly shocked by my cynicism, and thought that I should more faith in humanity.

Actually, it now looks like they are starting to come clean, and a lot of their campaign really is about lawyers campaigning for bail outs for lawyers who have made bad property investments. It wouldn’t astonish me to hear that many of the lawyers involved are the same people who have made a lot of speculative losses. :frowning:



I must admit I also thought exactly this. They’re looking for a hard luck case to establish some precedent that they can then use themselves to walk away from their loans for investments gone sour.


Have yet to meet a solicitor who will do something for free.

And I reckon there are a few judges who would aid legal precedent to be set to get their own arses out of the speculative fire :wink:

It is ‘Log Rolling’.
It happens a lot among the commentariat in this State.
Did they all sit in a room and conspire? No

Have lots of disperate influencers been murmuring about this for ages? Yes
They see the log rolling past and they give a push.

It is scary the narratives this state tells itself (those are off topic to this matter)
But pretty soon you’ll hear a voice on RTE say
‘I think it’s generally accepted… debt write off… blah blah’

Another stage in the process is to see off opposition by presenting extreme cases.
Another stage is to invent a catchy name to sum it up for the sheeple.