Requiem for a country

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Holy shit.

The euro per taxpayer bit on the windows is unclear.

The map with 30 Burg Dubais is excellent!

I am not Irish, and this is my first post on the pin. I can feck off when the shit really hits the fan. Or buy cheap :wink:

The NAMA scandal really pisses me off and I have tried to explain it to my workmates, they don’t seem to understand.
Videos like this are good though. The windows thing wasn’t too clear but I think overall the expense to us all comes across. I can send on to my workmates and give them an idea of what is happening, they will slowly start to understand.

I see what you are doing WGU but the windows thing would be lost on most. The first half is excellent. (Doffs hat)
Maybe something like if you put the euros back to back and said the cost of the cervical screening is (2.14mm x 10mill) = 21.4km which is Dublin to Bray while nama (2.14mm x 90Bn) = 192600Km which is five times around the world or almost half way to the moon.
One of the biggest challenges I’ve come across is losing people in the numbers.
Far be it for me to tell you how to do your job but a bit of Dart footage on the way to bray followed by some rapid flicking of pics or trains in different times zones and an un copyrighted version of superman flying around the world over and over again followed by a space shuttle take off fading out with a picture of a full moon suggesting barking mad or lunitic idea. Obviously with the accompanying figures.
If someone would double check the figure it wouldn’t hurt.
As alway, in awe of your talents.

Okay - I’ve tweaked the euro/windows bit and uploaded a fresh version.

Edited the original post with new links.

The Beijing Olympics cost 30 billion Euros (according to Wiki - $43.13b).

London, with a population of 16 million, (ie four times ours), is being put to the pin of its collar to pay for a very much more modest Games than Beiging, and Britain has fifteen times our population.

I’m stuck on the numbers too - the thing with using the Burj Dubai was to try and compare and contrast the scale, time and cost it took to build the world’s largest skyscraper - but the Irish government is throwing together the equivalent of 30 Burj Dubais in less than one year!

I’ve another 2 minutes of music I want to put pictures to - I used from 2.01 - 4.01 from this piece:

and I’d love to use the last 2 minutes and 30 seconds to do a rogues gallery and show the cost society is going to have to bear to carry their losses - so I might rob some of your suggestions if you don’t mind.

Would have more impact if the cost per taxpayer was included in the video at the end.

I know the population is accepted as 4 million Irish people.

What’s the accepted figure for the number of taxpayers?

I’ll replace the NAMA slide at the end with the cost per taxpayer.

Since when is the taxpayer paying €90b? I thought €60b was the figure being bandied about at the “hope value”. … 63759.html

All the other figures being bandied about involve haircuts/ long term economic values/money trees/etc.

This is the one he’s on record as saying this was the value.

Can you see how ludicrous this figure is?

So for the same price as Grand Theft Nama, we could host the equivalent of the Beijing Olympics three times over?

Ha! We’re Number One!


(PS: Mods, title should be ‘Requiem…’)

I think Nama will cost €30 billion. I think the State will pay €30 billion too much for the bad loans, ie, €60 billion.

Brilliant as usual, I’m in agreement about the windows though - I think the 30 sky scrapers dotted around Ireland was a message in itself.

NAMA together with the parallel projected increase in government debt from 2008 up to end 2010 was to cost more than the Apollo Space Program did in constant 2008 dollars

The Apollo programme only cost $25bn dollars = $140bn now in real terms . €100bn euros = $143bn USD right now .

The government has rowed back a tad from the €90bn . Just a tad mind !!!


America goes to the moon.

Ireland digs itself a hole in a bog instead and fucks the money in and burns it :frowning:

What was the point in going to the moon? :confused: At least we got some houses to show for our money, all they got was moon dust. :slight_smile:

They sent 20 astronauts to the moon , they all came back. I propose to send the entire cabinet instead ( PLUS ALL Green TDs and Frank Fahey ) but I propose to leave them there.

To be fair, it would cost about €30 billion to build one Burj Dubai here…
These things are cheaper when you ship in workers from India and massivly underpay them what you tell them you are going to pay them.

I just watched it. I think the point is lost in the complexity of the example.

I know - I’ll happily redo another version if anyone can show me a way to demonstrate how 90,000,000,000 euros is a fuck load of money that is just too insane an amount to even consider giving to the corrupt and useless politicians and bankers who created the mess in the first place.