Research on Irish Housing Market

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Just wondering if anyone has gone to the trouble of getting as much serious research as possible on the irish housing market (OECD, IMF etc., Academic, Institutions (Banks etc)…) and consolidated it into a central location? Or even general/international housing market studies would also be interesting.

Or even a thread solely for links to various research papers, reports etc. that are out in the public domain.

Trying to do as much reading up as possible on the issue but actually overwhelmed at the amount of crap/conjecture/ramblings that i have to wade through to get to anything substantial that is actually worth reading.

Any help/links much appreciated.

As a start here are some i’ve already found.

UCD Working Paper by Morgan Kelly:

Paper by ECFIN member

Martin Roche in NUIM - try’s to account for both demand AND supply factors in modeling irish house prices (in response to studies that only look at the demand side), has interesting things to say about IMF and The Economist analysis/estimates. Was written/is based on around 2003 data - would be good to see similar study but with dataset extended.

Anyway any tips or links much appreciated.

The bacon reports … /index.htm

Central bank financial stability reports (see 2007 & 2006) … ns_nav.asp … ns_nav.asp

**Dept of the environment housing statistics ** … tatistics/

IBF mortgage statistics … ory_id=109

July 2006 - Census 2006 Preliminary Report

July 2006 - Construction and Housing in Ireland … ousing.pdf

  • there is more data at the CSO site

The daft report

Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey

Also who have some great information

See this article from Nov 2006 … 7932.shtml

Status Ireland … r-ireland/


Original (

OECD … 10360.PDF/

The IMF … pdf/c3.pdf

good paper by Shiller on Housing boom that considers some of the psychological theories that might help in an explanation of the bubble

And why are we facilitating you praytell?

Looking at buying - trying to make sure i’ve considered/thoughtabout everything of relevance in my decision.

House i’m looking at is absolutly perfect for what i want but at top end of budget (would have never even shown on my radar but for the fall 500,000 to 395,000). Has already dropped 20% (from first asking price in Jan 09). Trying to decide what to do…getting off topic here so i’ll stop.

And of course, this is a very interesting topic in it’s own right…

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Nice list of resources in one page though. should be made into a sticky index somewhere here for newbs… thanks

nice short paper from BIS (around 2002)