Residence 23, The Four Seasons, Ballsbridge (-625k, -39%)

Was 1.6m

Now 975k (+ 25k p.a. service charge!)

190 sq mt (2050 sq ft).
€475/sq foot

25K service charge. FML!

Holy crap I missed that!

Also, 190 sqm - and it’s a two bed, one living room place. Layout FAIL.

Also, 190 sqm - and it only has five windows. Natural light FAIL.

its an 18k service charge

sorry i never read the ad lol i emailed Galvin’s last week they have a 2 bed penthouse for sale in the same building and they quoted 18k service charge utterly ridiculous XD

The vast majority of the service charge is paid to the RDS as ground rent.

I’d want 3 square meals a day in the restaurant downstairs for that.

I don’t think even a millionaire would consider €2,000pm unimportant. It’s actually rather farcical. Almost a parody of celtic tigerness.

Sale agreed … -4/1250578

And no reduction in the service charge either :slight_smile:

€250,000 over 10 years in service charges. On a purchase price likely c. €900,000. I think that is pretty strange to be honest. 28% of the purchase price. By contrast on a, say, €300,000 apartment you might expect to pay maybe €15,000 over 10 years. That’s 5%.

Apples and oranges to an extent maybe, but still somewhat odd I would say.

Apples and oranges to a huge extent I would have thought. I know an Irish guy living in Switzerland who has made all his squillions abroad. He still visits Dublin at least 30 times a year and stays in the Four Seasons every time. I would have thought his annual hotel bill there would be close to 50k.

In that light this could be quite an attractive property for him, and I guess whoever bought it is a similiar type.