Residential Rental Arrears and Evictions

Tales of woe for the hard pressed renters of Ireland rarely make it to the steps of the courts. Or catch the attention of the National media for that matter. … 41340.html

Overholding since 2014. In court March 2015. Nice snappy turnaround there.

7 days?

There are repo cases posted up here where they’re give 6-12 months, do nothing so the judge gives them another 6 months

Yet again I’m questioning the independence of the legal system in all things property related. Wonder how many of their ranks are landlords :question:

I probably should have qualified my “snappy turnaround” comment. I wasn’t being sarcastic. Echoing your point, it’s basically the fast lane for renters who have kept up their payments compared to mortgage holders who haven’t kept up with their payments.

I’m not saying they should be allowed to stay either but isn’t it a fine contrast of the double standards at work here. Why’s Jerry Beades not swooping in to the rescue? Maybe because they haven’t over-indebted themselves.

They also make up the PRTB if I’m not mistaken…

Sorry, I think we both misunderstood each other! I was assuming the above is what you meant originally and I was agreeing!

Also was it not reported that one of the various state agencies were advocating tenants over hold?

So we’re both pissed off. Good :smiling_imp:

Which state agency? If you are referring to Threshold, they are not a state agency.

Problem about getting their names in the paper is that their next potential landlord will run a mile if they simply google them.
Also, I doubt they will have a useable previous landlord reference.

Apologises, got that one wrong

Registered charity?

A 7 day notice to quit like this only comes after a much longer notice to quit has been ignored. In this case they were supposed to leave in Sept 2014. And these people are only overholding because they are waiting for their new house to be finished.

Is the notice to quit against the parents only! … 46821.html

I don’t think you understand the status you acquire with being a landlord in Ireland :slight_smile:

You could despair at stories like this but I say fairplay to the judge! Lock up those dirty thug foreigners and throw away the key, sure wasn’t the Landlord only providing some jobs to the local community trying to make a livin’ themselves. :unamused:

An ugly precedent.

Would be easy enough to track him down. … 6-May2015/

Wow, what sort of family history do they have that means they have no one else to turn to?
The numbers of homeless families reported in the media must be more representative of problems with tenants being evicted rather than those in mortgage arrears, both are problems but the former appears to be more acute. Of course renters don’t count … 6-Mar2016/