Resources on the cost of buying and owning?

Would anyone point me to (or provide) a breakdown of what are all of the costs (beyond the accepted purchase price) for buying a home in Ireland? I’m interested both in the costs I should expect will be added into the sale, and the ongoing costs of ownership–I believe you do not have annual property taxes, yes?

Thanks for any help.

The biggest cost will generally be “stamp duty”. At the moment the first 125k euro will be exempt. After that the balance is taxed at 7% up to 1 million euro. Anything above 1 million euro is taxed at 9%.
Then you will have your solicitor fees, from about 1000 to 3000 euro.
It would also be advisable to employ a surveyor for a second hand property purchase, about 250 - 500 euro.

No stamp duty if you’re a first time buyer up to €325k is it? I can’t remember. Checkout

No Stamp duty for First Time Buyers.

Other costs are roughly
up to 1.500 Euro plus VAT for Solicitor
another up to 1.000 Euro for fees around Land registry etc.
Surveyor would be around 350 Euro (this is not a legal requirement but highly recommended).

If title of land is freehold than no further costs
If title is leasehold then there might be costs to renew the lease every 500 years or so :slight_smile:

That’s pretty much it.

You also have to look out for management fees which can be substantial, more usually found in apartment blocks but have crept into some new residential housing estates also. Otherwise many housing estates will have a residences committee which will collect money of all households for the upkeep of the green areas, amount varies according to the size of the estate.

You will probably find that a site such as is better suited to this type of question.

Thanks for the responses. …any insight on the typical ongoing costs for water, sewerage, trash collection, heating (for, say, a 3 bed detached)?

What area?

Presently no water or sewerage charges in Ireland. Bin charges vary I pay €8 to have a domestic "wheelie bin emptied and only have to pay when I choose to have it emptied (about once a month) other pay a yearly charge. I also pay €3 to have my recycling bin emptied.

Heating is more difficult, where are you coming from? i.e. how warm do you want the house to be? Many Irish houses are poorly insulated and are difficult to heat. It will also depend on the fuel used, most large urban areas are on mains gas whilst most other areas use oil fired boilers.

We’re looking at Cork/Kerry–probably not in Cork City but maybe Killarney.