"Responding to requisitions on management company ..."

“Responding to requisitions on management company in respect of re-sales”

from wyse.ie/service-agreement.aspx

Anyone know what that means in plain English?


If you sell your apartment your solicitor needs to get a load of info from the management company before the sale goes through. This is to make sure the potential buyer knows if the management company is in debt or not, how much the management fees are and how much the seller has paid, what insurance the co has and a myriad of other things. The seller pays a nominal fee for this (we paid €130 for our place). So Wyse just gives the solicitor this information when asked for it. I presume that is what it is anyway :slight_smile: HTH

It means somebody has to pay for the replies by way of an additional payment on top of the charges for the general maintenance services they carry out.

Generally the person who pays will be the person asking Wyse for the info., i.e. the person seling a house who needs to provide the info to a purchaser.

If you have a problem with that you need to take it up with the Managment company which you are part owner of which signed up to the maintenance contract. Wyse does not contract with the homeowner directly so they don’t answer to you.

Home owner -------> Management Company --------> Managing Agents (Wyse)

However, for practical reasons they reply to homeowners who think they may have a right to get the replies for free from Wyse. The page you linked to points out that wyse have only agreed with the Management Company to provide that service for an additional fee.

thanks guys