Restrict Parking Spaces to Residents use in new Apartments

During the last 10 years it has become the practice for Developers to sell car parking spaces separately from Apartments particularly in City center locations.

Development plans have a requirement for the provision of car parking spaces within developments to provide car parking for the benefit of residents.

Developers in an inflated market have separated the ownership of such cap park spaces from the ownership of the apartments, to exploit opportunities for profit. There is huge demand for car park spaces in the center of Dublin with spaces making €50 to €100 per week.

Planning Authorities should require that ownership of car park spaces passes with the title to the apartments as a condition of any planning grant.

Dublin City council no longer consider the construction of car parks to be appropriate in City Center locations.

Of course this has happened, Underground Car parks are an expensive proposition for developers, so Brown envelopes have changed hands over the years in Dublin planning & DCC hasn’t pushed the issue.

They are then double winners, because the council gets a nice revenue stream from metering on street parking & the inevitable clamping fees.

If you buy an apartment why should you pay extra for a car park space if the local authority deem in the planning grant that one or more car park spaces are necessary as an amenity for the use of the apartments occupier?

Tieing the ownership and use to the apartment by planning condition attached to the planning grant would be in the interest of consumers and would make any contract to hire it rent it or use it by others not in occupancy or the guests of occupants illegal.

The local authority have created a lucrative market in apartment parking spaces.

Too late… too late. Lets put all these sensible conditions on when the building boom is over.

I agree.

Given that everyone is being told to rent-a-room to pay for their apartment, there should be a minimum of 1 space per bedroom in the complex.

There’s a great idea for another initative, a tax free, ‘Rent-a-Space’ option where you can rent out the parking space for that investment apartment you bought on the quays. Every little bit will help with the Mortgage payments, plus I’m sure you would be a lot faster shifting a Parking space in Dublin, than the 1-bed rabbit hutch you bought with it :slight_smile:

The key is that any spaces that were not sold to apartment owners should be the property of the management company. In that way, the developer will set a price that will encourage the sale of all of the spaces so that they do not end up giving them for free to the management company.

The fact that developers are given permission based on providing a certain ratio of spaces but can choose to retain them is a flaw in the system.