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Why don’t we apply rates to online stores that have . ie addresses?

  1. increased tax revenue
  2. increased tax revenue
  3. yep increased tax stream

Some non proformers close and the stay-at-home Moms who run them eh…stay at home…


For whatever reason many Irish online stores are uncompetitive as it is so adding rates would probably be their death knell. A recent example I had was a Halloween costume that cost €46 delivered in Ireland and which I bought instead for €30 from the UK including the ParcelMotel fee. Although in that case it’s hard to know to what extent it is down to higher costs and how much of it is price gouging/cartel behaviour because the price was coincidentally identical in three Irish outlets.


Apologies if posted elsewhere but commercial lease register now online … R?OpenForm


Wow, somewhat surprised lease rates are public, makes it a little too easy to ascertain a competitors advantage/disadvantage as regards leases in terms of cost or duration. Should help apply pressure for leases to become more consistent in a given area, street, etc., probably a mix of downward and upward pressure in that sense as landlords point to higher lease rates and leases point to lower ones. Not sure I like it being public.


I’ve already complained to the propertypriceregister that those submitting details are being intentionally misleading with their information, e.g. o’connor square, tullamore, dublin 8 is not right.


Who registers the lease ?

Many leases are just between landlord and tenant.


Commercial leases are subject to stamp duty.


Lights go out in over 2,000 business premises nationwide so far this year -> … 40919.html


Consumer sentiment dips in aftermath of budget … -1.1615545

Depressing that people can’t look a few months into the future let alone a few years when making financial decisions


how is that measured - do i feel 76.2 positive or only 71 positive?

surely sentiment is an entirely subjective experience in that one man may never be more than a 5 and one man never lower than an 8

Is it based on scoring things like I intend to buy a new TV, take a holiday, eat out more?


are falling VAT receipts an indicator of more and more online shopping or do Amazon pay Irish VAT on Irish destined sales


VAT charged at local (delivery) levels I believe.

I think once you breach a certain amount of sales to a country you have to charge them the local VAT rate.


Losses continue at Shaws. Losses offset by other smaller company. … -1.1636796


How does that work? Do make remittances of Irish rated VAT to the Irish revenue, Maltese VAT to Malta, Danish VAT to Denmark, etc.?
If I buy in Ireland with a British credit or debit card, using an account that I hadn’t yet given an Irish address (mine now have my Irish address, but it took me a while to change them), how would that differ from somebody buying in Britain and sending something as a gift to Ireland? One would be subect to 23% VAT and the other to 17.5%.

Just wondering, it all seems potentially a can of worms.


It’s simple.
If a company ships it to another EU country, they charge that country’s vat rate … dex_en.htm


It all depends on situation see … dex_en.htm
In general stuff delivered to consumer is charged VAT as destination (subject to threshold to avoid complicating things for small companies), otherwise it is charged at location of sale. Intercompany trade has different rules.


I know of a boutique in a midlands town which is closing at the end of January.
2 full time paid positions gone. The boutique didn’t loose its trade to other boutiques in the locality.
Mostly the trade has been lost because no one has any money but also loosing trade to the likes of the larger retailers in out of town locations.
Retail is definitely changing if not dying.


That’s simple enough, but do forward that 23% VAT to the Revenue Commisioners or to HMRC? If the former, what checks are in place to ensure international tax compliance? If the latter, then the statement “the VAT rate for X in Country Y is Z%” is something of an oversimplification. I’m just curious, because it suggests all sorts of opportunities for both deception and simple cock-ups.


The entire Vat is forwarded to the destination country authorities
Dunno what checks are put in place.

I also know a small clothes retailer who is on the verge of closing. Customers come in, try on the clothes, then go off and buy it online for cheaper. She cannot really do much to stop people doing this, just smile at them, nor can she compete with the online price.


that’s the thing. this shop is cost competitive but they still buy on-line. Littlewoods offer 500 quid credit up front.
Amazon aren’t cheap. Dunnes Stores aren’t even cheap any more. There’s no logic process there for customers.