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This irritates me hugely. if you want to buy online buy online but don’t do the poor local man/woman out of the trade just because you saved a few pence. Most people want the service that comes from local. Stuff like print cartridges etc - by all means buy online its generic stuff but clothes - come on.

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This is why I object to the happy clappy mood music in the media over the last few months.
Any retailer who took it at face value would have bought more stock in anticipation of a bumper xmas and would now be stuck with the stock. If they’re lucky they’ll sell it in the xmas sale, if not they’ll be stuck with it.


The Irish Times are reporting something similar.

It seems retail sales in the States are also significantly down.


So, what savvy brands are realising is that retail will be a loss leader. You need to provide “brand experience” stores so customers can try your items. But they might not buy them there (or even if they do, you’re still probably going to make a loss on the retail unit).

I think the days of small retailers being a middle-man for a number of brands is gone. Big brands will do their own stores (Apple, Tesla, Hugo Boss, A&F, etc). Smaller brands might take space in a department store. Either way, lots of the retail units will be loss making, and exist mainly to be a showcase for online purchases.


I think there’s a possible alternative future where retail changes to become the final stage of manufacture (using 3d printing and other miniaturized tech). Retail stores providing not just selection (across brands) but fitting and customisation. This would provide a significant advantage over remote manufacture and distribution for a wide range of products (why buy compromised products designed for averages when you could buy products customized for you)



That makes a lot of sense to me, in the more medium-term.

I just wonder however – we were promised the same thing with laser printers - you’d go into a bookshop, order your book, and it would be printed there and then. I wonder if our need for instant gratification stops this – we’re not even willing to wait 10 mins for a book to be printed and bound. Once we make the decision to buy, will we wait 15 mins for an iPhone to have its case printed to spec?


Retailers hoping for boost as sales start … -1.1637402

Funny how all these seasonal retail articles repeatedly fail to mention the effect of rapidly growing online sales on retail sales.


One in seven shops in the UK vacant

9% vacancy rate in London. … z2qOXeHgOp


Prob not helping … -councils/


Dead Mall Syndrome: The Self-Reinforcing Death Spiral of Retail - Charles Hugh Smith ->


This sh!t just got real for me; the mens shop where I buy most everything for the last few years just went in to a closing down sale. I was still giving them my custom even after having moved to Germany whenever I was home.


[*Small lift in Christmas retail sales seen as ‘disappointing’ * (

Amazon fulfilled about 75% of my Xmas shopping needs. I want to “shop local” but not at any price


Shocker, isn’t it?


Elverys to be placed in receivership before management buyout … -1.1675139


Wow, they’re being pretty open about screwing their creditors.


which creditors. they can only get the sportwear from distributors so I assume only landlords are going to be screwed over(not that that is right, especially if the MBO team had been deliberately not paying rent for months while at the same time arranging an MBO)


Well yes.

  • Landlords
  • Distributors
  • ESB/eircom/city council
  • Revenue commissioners potentially
  • IT service providers
  • contract cleaners
  • any other local suppliers


My point is that you don’t plan an MBO overnight so how long had the directors been keeping a business with no reasonable prospects of survival alive. If they were trading recklessly they should be prevented from being directors of the new company.


Oh yes I agree. This prepack shit is shameful.

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Elverys’ pre-pack packed away.

Examiner appointed