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Black Friday is not just for sales of big ass TV’s it’s also the busiest period of the year for gun sales. The FBI division responsible for approving background checks cancels all leave and has 600 staff approving at the rate of 3 a second. … und-checks

Then the FBI issues a warning that bank robberies increase by a factor of 3 in December. I keep telling myself there’s no connection, but can’t help thinking that bank robbers like everyone else are always on the lookout for a deal. … story.html


Or looking for a time when the background check process is as strained as possible?
600 people approving 3 a second mean they are giving 200 person-seconds to each approval, so about 3 minutes in total, meaning scrutiny of mayb half of that!


Is I the only one utterly uncomfortably with the “Bonanza Billions Irish Christmas Spend!” blasting across the main-stream-media-scape, is it bare naked programming aka wishful thinking or are the multi-annual-mortgage-default-cash-piles making their way back into that economy?

Not forgetting the other side January could be tragic if the spell casting has it’s way and everyone believes yesterday is the future today!


The rate of growth in online sales on Cyber Monday itself, slowed to 8% from 17% in 2013, but the rate of growth on the preceding days ranged from 15-25%. … -slow.html


My missus didn’t know that yesterday was Cyber Monday, but she noticed that the price of something that she had planned to buy had gone up by 30% = No sale!

She’ll buy it later.

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I saw one of these pods in Sydney cbd the other day. Didn’t have time to give it a go. Looks cool though…


No more phone calling for pizza delivery or carryout, go digital. And if they put the wrong topping on, you’ll have a record of the the evidence to sue their ass off for big bucks. It’ll become the new pension scheme. … utm_medium


That’s pretty much exactly what I had imagined.


A very engineering approach to clothes… you know I remember in the 90’s Levis developed or explored this technology path.

Pattern cutting is an artform and fashion changes so much I personally think technology has had and will have more impact in the back end of fashion production and sales end than such an obvious application of technology. It’s not nessacarily going to yield the results you guys think.


Not sure if they are comparing apples to apples but it reinforces the earlier claim that the Irish are big spenders. … ity-crowds … -1.2045364


It was very busy last Thursday. Saturday and yesterday too. Today doesn’t look like it which is a little bit surprising but then maybe not considering Christmas day falls on a Thursday. Last year it was a Wednesday. I shall report back as I wade in later to Dublin City centre later.

The real indicator is the serious lack of traffic on the roads. That can flip. I’ve seen it happen but I think that was last week and that’s it for this year. Maybe people are holding back a bit more for the sales.


Pretty dam busy! However if you did not need a car it was very doable nad no real waiting in queues but bodies everywhere, moving, brisk is how I’d report it.

I’d say tomorrow it will be quieter overall. Perfect for those doing the last minute gifting dash… oh the thrill of it all! :wink:


Being reported by RTÉ, 24th Dec, that consumers haven’t splashed out as hoped for Christmas 2014


Blue Horseshoe


I guess that means Santy is bringing socks and jumpers then. :laughing: Probably not a surprising outcome since most of the goods that suit internet retail (electronics, books, music) are done online in advance so the high street won’t see these customers. The supermarkets are likely taking the standard fare (booze, chocolates, biscuits, clothes) and there has not been much compelling product to drive smart phone sales this year. What else is left on the high street?


My local Amish/Mennonite/Pennsylvania Dutch market, a grocery store sized delicatessen, usually only open only on weekends, and apparently one of the few places in the US where you can find mince pies, opened at 7.00am on the 24th, and the parking lot was full when I got there at 7.30. Had to park round the back with the employees. The embarrassment of it. There were 10 or so, 15 seater minibuses in the employee lot. These people drive 70-100 miles from PA to open the market.

Costco, at 9.00 (early for them) was sparse, not really surprising. We resisted the temptation to buy the pack of 10 energy saving, (batteries included) remote controlled (no less), LED, “WAX” (Is that a gratuitous waste of wax or what?) candles for $25, on the grounds that the single color (cream) and the single scent (vanilla) wasn’t garish enough for our house. We prefer candles that change both color and scent frequently.


I think you misread the dynamic. It’s not the availability of “compelling product” or lack thereof, that drives mobile sales. It’s the utility of the mobility.


I’m familiar with all three MD malls mentioned in this NYT piece. Each is about 30 minutes from me. … -the-mall#


or in my case, initially the inability of Eircom to install a landline, and then repeat custom from the final expiry of the battery after a decade of duty cycles. :wink: