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Online sales are at 36% percent of total. That’s a massive lead on most others. Currently in the US, online represents just 6% of total expected to grow to 9% by 2018. Obviously stats vary by category, and Lewis could be expected to to be above average, still that’s impressive.


Not good news for the high street or mall. … upled.html


I’m not a natural born shopper, so perhaps what I experienced the other day is normal.

Was looking for a jacket.
The make was Super Dry.
Called into their own shop in Dundrum and they didn’t have the particular one I wanted.
They said just go online and buy it.
Left it at that.

Then went to Harvey Nichols.
They didn’t have it either.
The sales assistant said you can buy it online … but then he went on to say ‘if you follow me, you can purchase it right now at this terminal’.
So I purchased it online in the shop.

Is that normal or do very few shops do it ?


Well two out of two suggested it for you. :slight_smile: I’d say increasing, if not yet common. The reverse, research online, and then purchase in store was the beginning, and now with patterns shifting due to the explosion of mobile purchasing, and Amazon getting ready to experiment with 1 hour delivery for some products, in some cities, the need for trad retailers to keep customers in house is more urgent than ever.

#289 … ding-soars


Eason owes Liffey Valley landlord €423,000, court hears … -1.2079880


A friend of mine is a partner in a large law firm and five years ago I told her Eason’s was a risky credit for the firm.
Oh how they laughed. Now, not so much.


Yet more Xtravision stores to close. (The Indo, who have been copy and pasting Hilco/Xtravision press releases think there is no problem at Xtravision).

Xtra-vision: 10 jobs lost as Londonderry and Strabane stores close … t-30979145


US chain Blockbuster, which I think owned Xtra Vision for a few years, closed up 9,000 shops and let go 60,000 staff over a period of about 5 years. Pretty soon they will be museum only.


Total global sales now at $90B up from 75 in 2013. At this rate it will catch up with Costco in about 3 years. Then there’s only Wal-mart left to slay. … merica?p=1


With such growth, Amazon must be making billions in profit !


Jaysus I’d hate to see their tax bill… :-GC


Yup! Billions and billions…someday. :laughing:

Actually, their most profitable activity is not selling goods, but selling cloud computing services to the Federal gummint. I think they’re ahead of Google in that respect. They, more than most, seem determined to be one of the big four internet companies going forward.

AWS…Amazon Web Services. Scroll to bottom to see who uses. Enterprise/Startup/Public etc.


**Bloomberg: Internet Killing the Shopping Mall, 31 million retail roles to go in China. ** … -go-online


Web sales in 2014 continued apace. … n-first-ti


Well these guys are obviously still bullish on bricks and mortar. It’s another example of the increasing trend of retail as entertainment.
I know of a restaurant chain whose corporate name is Lettuce Entertain You. … 2F14%2F15#


Interesting. The term ‘shopping mall’ takes on a whole different meaning with these types of developments. This development is not ringing endorsement of traditional retail bricks and mortar stores, but rather an endorsement of the hotels, restaurant and entertainment sectors.


I think “traditional” is dead.


Still looking bad in the UK for high street traders.