Retail Watch Thread / The Death of retail ....


Amazon launches Prime Now in two more markets (1-hour delivery is $7.99, 2-hour delivery is free). … tml#page=1

Also, FAA provisionally approves Amazon’s drone delivery service. Gulp.


This is not good enough for me.
I need the drone to ring my doorbell.


Drones seem fanciful, it can only be a short time before criminals can find ways to intercept them whether using something as crude as air guns or nets, or a drone takes someones head off. Also I would like to see the size of a drone necessary to deliver a washing machine or even a bag of spuds.


If you look at the original announcement Bezos gave stats on the size of deliveries. A surprisingly large percentage was one or two books.

I own a Parrot AR drone and the rotor failsafes are pretty good. It couldn’t hoist a big book but it’s not too far off I would say.


It could probably lift a Kindle. :smiley:


Curiosity, what do you mean by the rotor failsafes?


It’s good about cutting out the rotors if it hits something. It’s possible to get a whack from a rotor but it’s not going to chop your finger off.


No mention of which Irish branches are to close, Athlone had a reprieve last time round.


Just discovered another well known and old time Dublin retailer place bitting the dust. Not good. :neutral_face:


More on the topic of retail as entertainment.
Bass Pro, retailer of choice to the huntin shootin fishin brigade just opened a 500,000 SF store in an unused sports arena in Memphis. That’s nearly twice the size of the average IKEA. … May2015_HM

The Mall fights back.
The Mall Is Not Dead: How Shopper Analytics Ensure It Thrives**
While empty, decaying malls make for inspired photo shoots, most of America’s shopping malls are actually doing well. In fact, according to new data from the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) and the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries, shopping center occupancy rates were 92.7% at the end of 2014 – the highest level in six years! Occupancy was even higher for malls (both super-regional and regional malls) at 94.2%, the highest since 1987. Read more… … %2F12%2F15


The competition heats up.
WHAT SILICON VALLEY IS READING - “Amazon to offer free same-day delivery to Prime members,” by AP’s Mae Anderson:** “Amazon says starting [today] more than 1 million items including books, electronics and vacation gear will be eligible for same-day delivery in 14 metro areas including New York, Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Atlanta. Orders over $35 are eligible for the service. They need to be placed by noon and will be delivered by 9 p.m. Orders under $35 can still have one day delivery, it just costs $5.99.”

"Google SVP confirms integrated ‘Buy’ button is ‘imminent’," by Mashable’s Lance Ulanoff: “Google is this close to removing one step out of your online buying process and, quite possibly, taking a chunk out of Amazon’s online shopping business. Google SVP and Chief Business Officer Omid Kordestani revealed on Wednesday at Re/Code’s Code Conference that Google is planning to introduce an integrated ‘Buy’ button on mobile search results, and that its arrival is imminent.”


Clerys has closed and gone into liquidation. 80 redundancies, surely someone can get it back on it’s feet as a dublin landmark but the general running down of o’connell st. for years now is an issue for it.


It’s a bog standard building in a bog standard city. Don’t get too excited.


Depends on who you speak to, that name and that location has some meaning to many older people around here.


Not true in many sense it’s one of the oldest department stores in the world and is of cultural and architectual signifigance.

Also the job losses are much higher according to RTE, 460 in total.

That’s a lot of coffees not being bought on the way to work and butterflies flapping wings etc. etc.


While I’d agree Dublin is nothing to write home about in terms of cities, the Clerys building is a landmark building that stands out in contrast to most of those around it - I’d say only the GPO near it has the same impact.


The top 10 US retailers on the Fortune 500 list. Kinda surprised that 7,8,9, &10 all made the list. There are certainly better retailers out there, just not on the 500.


New owner of Clerys building announces rejuvenation plan … -1.2255613


For the first time ever, McDonalds will close more restaurants than it opens, minus 700, plus 300.
And there was me thinking they never closed a restaurant.

I read some time ago that Amazon was participating at every available toob location which I understood to be well over 100…

At 400,000 vehicles a year Costco has become the 2nd largest retailer of cars in the US without actually selling a single car. If only they could book those numbers… … -the-metal
costco car sales.


Best’s Menswear in interim examinership.

Mothercare Ireland in interim examinership.

Where will it all end?