Retail Watch Thread / The Death of retail ....


Widespread nudity.


Is Anne Summers in trouble as well :stuck_out_tongue:


Based on previous anecdotes posted here and the last few days and weeks and what I’m seeing on the ground in Dublin City Centre. I get the sense there is a very real and not small wave of long established retailers/commercial operators ceasing trading. All for a variety of reasons and some property plays others simply can’t stomach the trading levels for longer than they have.



Its just the same as the newspapers, their customers die and are replaced by people who say why pay when its free/cheaper online? any shopping centre I go into these days just depresses me and I dont actually bother anymore, Dundrum is the only place with a bit of life to it anymore.


Nothing like a bit of Ivory Tower demagoguery to incite, how about;

Gravy Train Passenger Appalled by View

Gerry Ryan seemed to find good outlets for taxpayers money… maybe Joe lacks the imagination and get up and go?


Debenhams fooked?


Are Penneys and the other similarly-priced stores crushing all the other clothes chains?


Just like the supermarkets, the posh end and the discount end seem to be doing fine.


Well there was also a shift in population to the areas surrounding Dublin with an aging population closer to Dublin supplemented with renters. I`m betting that young families spend more at the shops than people with no kids close to or in retirement???


Black Friday - is it a fat thing?


Debenhams were/are very expensive. They are also classic rip off merchants.

On another note, heard someone on the radio this morning saying that they bought a rugby shirt online for around €52 euros, same shirt cost €115 on the high street.

Brother bought video came for €72 online, Gamestop were selling it for €99.


Dundrum is hellish. How can there be so many shops, stocked with so little I’d ever want to buy or even look at?


My thoughts exactly. I went to Dundrum for the second time ever last Christmas, mainly to meet up with some ex-work colleagues for pre-Christmas drinks but also wandered all over the center looking for children’s pyjamas and found nothing suitable (choice and price) and I remember walking away and thinking to myself that the place is expensive and more geared towards a young single female market. In my locality charity clothes shops, second-hand goods or Asian run shops that sell plastic stuff are the prime retail and if you have time to browse you can sometimes find something you need at the right price.


Tesco & Supervalu are the cheapest for newly-released games.
The new call of duty was €69, whereas it was €99 to download from Microsoft itself.

In theory of course.
Not that I’d play childish games like that. :angry:


M&S, Penneys, Next, H&M - none of them had kids pjs?


I meant to add it a few weeks ago after I spent my first day walking around Dublin since 2011, back then there seemed to be loads of charity shops, now they all seem to have been mostly pushed out. The pace was hopping in comparison to back then.


I was wondering the same thing. Would have thought that you had a fairly decent coverage of price ranges from that lot…


Not sure if this is really the right thread but I was recently looking to donate some children’s stuff to my local charity shop only to be told that unless the toys were unopened and in their original wrapping they could not accept them. I was also told they do not accept buggies or car seats however I was advised that I should be able to sell them on line and could always forward them the proceeds.


My guess is that the charity shop knows that they can’t sell the used toys and they’ll just clog up space that can be used for other stock.