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Shimano MF TZ21 7-Speed Cassette

Evans Cycles - €35.09

Ebay - €10

Aliexpress - €3.30

I’ve gotten into the habit of slow shopping where for a lot of projects it doesn’t bother me if I have to wait a few weeks for delivery. The mark up that consumers pay in Ireland is crazy.


For price differences like that I assume the one on AliExpress will turn out to be a knock-off rather than a genuine Shimano part?

EDIT: Actually it seems not in this case but Evans is just an extreme outlier. It’s available directly from for £9.89. … no+mf-tz21


Plus this is hardly going to break the bank
Probably <€15 in most bike shops

the real cost in the bike themselves
You usually have fat men cycling €2k bikes as there bikes are 200grams lighter that the €500 bike


Not at all. I spent nearly ten grand last year on some big ticket items from the UK. But it’s taken a while to dawn on me that even the smallest scale items are worth importing, right down to a few euro value. I used to feel ashamed about taking my business abroad and used to always give a local retailer a chance to compete if they could. Not any more. I realised that not only are they ripping us off, lots of them have really shit customer service to boot. They act like they’re doing you a favour by charging a whack load more than the usually more friendly UK retailer.


What Irish web retailers are at the races? is arguably the best around for car parts


Sure, but every shop has thousands of products like this that are grossly over-priced. They can reduce the price of some products and call it a ‘sale’ to draw you in knowing that they’ll sting you on other stuff. No loss in running a ‘sale’ at these prices.


Large US clothing chainstore pulling out of Ireland, employs 82 people.
Forever 21 to close Dublin store


Forever 21 to close its only Irish store … -1.3349495


it seems continued employment for its members despite losses of 40m still isnt enough for mandate :angry:


Not new, but Maplin’s fell into administration in February, closing down sale in progress.


Hanleys in Dundrum gone aswell, like Maplins it was a nice place to visit and view things before pulling out your phone and buying them for 20/30/40% of the price.

A lot of closures in Dundrum lately but the thread on Boards reckons its to do with 10 year leases running out, apparently the owners are cranking up the rent and not worried about refilling the units.


UK tabloids have launched a campaign to Save Britain’s High Streets
Mirror, Mail
50,000 retail jobs were axed in the past six months the Mail calls for urgent overhaul of crippling business rates


Debenhams on the rocks …

Cash crisis at Debenhams as credit insurers take fright … l52wk?t=ie


Even An Post are scaling back the GPO site on O’Connell st. now. 300 to go around the country, mainly rural you’d imagine.

The Clery’s site still sits there vacant three years on, and now the GPO is liable to be downgraded. And this was considered the Centre of everything in the first 60 or 70 years of the state anyway.

Suppose the museum will remain, and the building will live on as a museum piece, but like many new museum’s these days it’s just a load of blaring noise inside. Makes it impossible to read displays in depth with multi media displays everywhere blaring out mostly auld crap.


Orla Kiely to close retail and online businesses … rla-kiely/


Net increase of 4,402 closed retail outlets in UK in the first six months of this year: … sures-soar


High street at risk of being ‘smashed’ by weak spending
The Sports Direct boss, Mike Ashley, has warned that Debenhams and other big retail names faced being “smashed to pieces” by a savage high street downturn this Christmas as Brexit worries put the brakes on spending. “November was the worst on record, unbelievably bad,” said Ashley. “No one could have budgeted for that. Retailers just cannot take that kind of November. It will literally smash them to pieces.”


Rise in sales masks declining footfall, warns Retail Ireland

Industry body’s retail monitor shows value of shopping rose 2.7% in final quarter of 2018 … -1.3789587


Revenues soar at Amazon’s main Irish unit

Online giant’s pretax profits increased by more than 30 per cent to €39.46m


Never seen dublin city as packed.

Maybe it’s airbnbers .