Return of the flippers

I was having a look through daft & came across this in tallaght, it’s asking 150,000

I thought to myself, 150k in swiftbrook doesn’t sound right so done a search on google & it’s listed as sale agreed at 99k a few months ago … 24/563393/

Some idiot painted the insides & expects a profit of 50k, you can see the house is still boarded up :laughing:

Swiftbrook. They come for the filth, but they stay for the samurai sword murder

Fair play. It’s entrepreneurs like this that’ll get this economy moving again.

its a pity there isnt more entryprenheurs like this guy,we need ballys motherfuckers to lead us out of this mess,the sooner the Govt puts incentives in place to encourage this activity and share the risk this chap is undertaking,the sooner we will all be out of this mess and back to the way we were in 2006…

Lest ye forget, twas a great time it was

With movers and shakers throwing the cobwebs off, all will be right with Eire in no time 8DD


Thought it was Dermot Desmond?

Flipper needs Skippy to get him out of this mess!!!

“Woof. Yyerff. Woof”

What’s that Lassie? … Skippy’s fallen down the well and Flipper’s in court at a repossession hearing?


post of the day :slight_smile:

We need some of those Japanese fishermen from The Cove to take care of our flippers…

The daft ad is 302 days old (unfortunately)

Twas neither.
Haughey was the mark.
Desmond was the roper.
The brains behind IFSC were all City of London financiers.