Return of the shed :)

This just popped up on my Daft RSS feed again:

If they ever rent it, I’d love to know who’s that stupid / desperate!

€600 a month! :open_mouth:

lucky for them the rental market isn’t already flooded :angry:

I’m not sure that is even a legal letting to be honest I’ve seen better quality “Breeze Block garage” converstions than this closed by the Council …as for the claims its a log cabin, FFS its a garden shed with click flooring and some soft furnishings.

No mention of toilet, bath/shower or kitchen/cooking facilities.

I’ve a good mind to ring the letting agent or person and tell them to cease and desist.

I wonder what the BER rating on that baby is.

If things aren’t changed this kind of crap will continue and go all the way to the kinda high living shown in this bbc report. Only $125 a week… … 953376.stm

Its not a shed, its a sauna.

Deluded - decent size one-bed apartments in Dublin city centre at now €800. Why on earth would you live in a frickin’ shed in Baldoyle for €200 less?


When they say “Flat to Let” do they mean Flat packed or Flat Toilet?

Just do what I did OW, for one of the other death-traps on the Worst-Value thread & contact the Fire Safety Office & forward them on the Daft ad.

Mine was gone off daft in 48 hrs :angry:

Could you imagine all the splinters you would get living in that place???

The inside of it looks like a sauna. I wonder what kind of BER cert it got. Someone should make some inquiries… :nin

On a related theme, a guy I know fell out with his parents and lived in an 8ftx6ft ‘Barna’ shed in the garden for a few years…just couch, computer and fish tank.

Dunno what all the fuss is about. Sure isn’t it good enough for that young lad offuv Coronation St.? :smiley:

Even he’s moved out of his!

I am speechless!

You do that.

The key point is whether is has planning permission to be a dwelling, as defined under planning laws…

Usually when you build something like that, it specifically mentions whether it can be habitable or not.

now says

How about an more up morkish shed??

Dat’s noha shed. Dat’s a


Would that it were actually a log cabin…

Still it’s:

“Away from the Maddening Crowds” (sic)