Return of the Truck.

Reports on RTE news that Leinster House is, eh, ‘congested’ by a Toxic Bank truck. Apparantly the truck is immobilised and one man has been arrested.

No images yet, but here’s a recent one from Galway…

small image on newstalk main page, the site is over run.

Fergus O’Dowd (FG TD) doesn’t understand the motivation. It’s an ‘appalling vista’ to see a truck in the morning, and he reckons the driver was protesting because other TDs were’nt at work as early as he was.

But at least he took a blurry photo and sent it to RTE…

And I’d imagine that if the truck ‘attempted to ram the gates’ that it would probably manage it.

It is the exact same one that was in Galway isn’t it.
At least we have some active citizens.

So what do they call this entrance now Anglogate. Ok Ok :-GC

From the pics i’ve seen so far, “rammed” the gates seems like some hyperbole.

I’d say it was the same kind of force as those who “stormed” the Dail last April / May during a protest.

Now that’s what I call a ‘concrete proposal’!
Or concrete opposal even.

David Cochrane of has claimed that the truck ‘crashed through’ the gates. :unamused:

I wonder will they give it back to him this time?

What’s with the frames with plywood mounted on it this time?

I’f he’d wanted to ram it, he would have knocked the gates no problem, but there is a proper barrier that raises up out of the ground a few feet in which would have stopped him. Pure media hype on the ramming. :angry:

No sign of any criminal damage, I wonder what he has been arrested for? Obstruction?

Arrested for daring approach the Dail in a pair of muddy boots.

Maybe he was moving in the circles of the politicos with property only to find that when the chips were down he wasnt one of them just a lamb to the slaughter. :open_mouth:

Ah Jasus, has PJ Sheehan been on the booze again?

Looks to me more that he was planning on blocking the entrance and unfurling a super big plywood sign.
Damn, would have liked to have seen that.

Maybe he should have got a keg truck instead and would have had no problems getting through.

The last picture, the one from behind the truck, instantly started me humming the A-Team music.