Revealed: Fingleton’s €28 million pension deal

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Something must be done to reverse this outrageous transaction.

This is yet another example of the big wigs in the banking golden circle who have mis-managed their banks to the brink of insolvency covertly rewarding themselves.

You leave poor Donie out of this…

Fingers not only knows where the bodies are buried, he has snapshots of em doing it and planted GPS recievers on the cadavers
Thats why he is untouchable. Des Treaynor anyone?

What are the Irish governments views on waterboarding :nin


Poor Donie will have “to pay” :wink:

There is too much of an urban myth around this guy, He is not invulnerable nor above the law, this time I believe he has overplayed his hand, the rage building up around the country is welling up and he will become the focus of it later in the year when INBS folds as I expect.

The government has zero interest in uncovering the bodies because they will be nearly all FF skeletons

There seems to be an expectation among the INBS board that they can continue running the bank into the ground, loot what they can and then hand the remnants over to the taxpayer for nationalisation, allowing Funny Fingers and Co. to waltz off into the sunset. Maybe they’re not far wrong in that respect but I think they are underestimating the anger out there. I think the nationalisation of another failed bank will generate some serious protest and test the resolve of the greens in particular to remain in government.

Just how far out of touch are these people ?

Lads, this pension is breath-taking even by banking standards.

Sir Fred Goodwin, head of what was once one of the largest banks in the world got a pension of £8.4 million. “Fingers” is head of an organisation that is maybe 1/100th the size of RBS, but yet he is getting three times the pension that Goodwin got.

If this goes ahead, we need to march on INBS HQ with torches and pitchforks in hand :imp:

Would suggest heavier weaponry

Goodwin and Fingleton are cut from the same cloth - psychopaths with no care as to how their actions are perceived by the public.

This is pretty disgusting.

We should impose a new tax rate of 90% on pensions above €100k*. This would capture tax from those that have been abusing the system. We might even get Mr Neary and a couple of others on this (Fas dude, bertie?).

*plucked from the air, but choose a reasonable cut-off.

Done from Tribune photos:


What an earth makes you think that? I thought it was well known that at local level it’s quite a democratic playing pitch.

And I presume Fingleton Junior still works for the bank !!! XD