Revealed: How Troika got €220m fees from taxpayer


Revealed: how troika got €220m fees from taxpayer - -> … 18936.html


So that’s about 0.3% of the bailout total.

This is interesting, from later in the article:

Rather inflammatory language. Labour must really be feeling the pressure.


It’s amazing considering that we basically begged these guys to provide us with loans. Would Ciaran Lynch prefer if they exited now and his salary was cut in half?



The whole thing is just spin. OK, so there were costs applied, but it would be just the same effect if the interest rate had been tweaked up a tiny bit. At least in this case you can identify the costs, and if they were looking for some sort of value for money or efficiency justification I would have time for them.

Instead it’s just reactionary posturing, which occurs on the level of tribal breast beating and fails to allow any real engagement with the topic at an analytical level.


Imbecilic as well as inflammatory.
It makes him appear unable to distinguish cause from effect.

It’s akin to blaming the oncologist for making you feel sick with chemotherapy in an effort to cure your cancer after a lifetime of smoking.




And will be again soon…