Revenue Commissioners get off their A**es shocker!

The Revenue Commissioners have decided to get off their A**es and to do some work. It is obvious that the days of hasseling only PAYE workers are over and some of the ‘insiders’ may come to the attention of the taxman.–report-the-tax-cheats-191970.html

Even the supine press is asking the question :-

It is a pity that this is a rhetorical question only and has not been put to the revenue commissioners - more lazy journalism. Still, I expect that it is a case of, don’t ask the taxman any embarassing questions in case they may start asking questions back.

It is quite obvious that the taxman is only moving against our fellow citizens who have been evading taxes for years, only because there may not be enough money to pay the wages to which they have become accustomed.

They should hire even more inspectors if it’s paying off this well. They more than pay for their salaries

I can understand your hatred of public servants Enoch. Obviously your schoolteachers’ failure to teach you to spell has scarred you for life.

Or perhaps that he/she never bothered listening to their teachers in the firstplace :-GC

I suggested years ago on here that Revenue workers should be paid their base salary plus addition bonuses based on a percentage of the additional undeclared taxes they manage to collect.

It would be a first for the PS where workers were actually rewarded for going above & beyond their regular work.

Might I suggest the Revenue have one highly plausible and soft target as outlined here..

You could say the same for Auditors

I don’t think the thread title is fair. Every indication is that the Revenue Commissioners are the most efficient and competent organ of the State (along with the Court Service I would say). We’ve heard of almost no corruption or major instances of incompetence coming out of the Castle through all of our national downfall. The closest we’ve come that I can recall was the mis-handling of the pensioner tax letters last year, which was probably a government botch as much as a RC one in any case. And a shortage in staffing and funding is not their fault, if that’s the reason for any shortcomings in their performance.

Which doesn’t say much really about the whole show…I don’t believe this narrative much to be hoenst and it is least instructive as to infor future progressive governance. So what ever happened with this episode?

I too think Revenue are one of the best Depts by far. Very progressive.

There is no need to hire anyone,transfer them in from other depts where they have surplus to requirements.I know the Ombudsmans Office did this last year.

@ Mocame

I don’t have a “hatred” of public servants. I dislike dealing with lazy incompetents, who take advantage of easy targets ie the PAYE sector. The point is, if this is news, the question which needs to be asked, ‘What has the taxman been doing for the last 20 years?’.

If the recent observations regarding their improved ‘efficiency’ are correct, they are to be welcomed but it still begs the question.

Maybe you could tell me what they have been doing? :laughing:

If your only contribution is your allusion to my poor spelling, it suggests that you have little to add to the debate.

No, no a thousand times no. Then you get the jetsam that the other departments do not want. It’s like the way eircom transferred every feckin eejit to eircom Wholesale, where they can only mess up the competition. Fire those “surplus to requirements” and hire new, competent people where they are needed.

I agree. Revenue need proper professional (graduates?), not any old rubbish current public servants

If only it was that easy… .and once again we return to one of the main reasons we are where we are (to use that hateful clowenism) and the main reason it will take forever and a day to get out of this mess.

Yeah, so the thing that needs to go is equal pay. Revenue is a high-performing department with reasonably good customer satisifaction, so ornery staff members in Revenue should get paid more. Then advertise the positions and invite applications internally…

Fixed that for you. Let’s not beat around the bush.

There is this: … 47188.html

That’s right, because none of the ‘rubbish current public servants’ are professionals or graduates.

I must have just made up all those years I spent in college resulting in a first class honours undergraduate degree and a post graduate qualification directly applicable to the work I do in the civil service. As must the colleague in the office next door to me, who in addition to a Masters degree taken before joining the civil service, has done another since joining in the ‘spare time’ she has between working full time and being the mother of 3 children under 5. And the colleage on the other side of me, this time with 4 small children and working part time, who is nevertheless also pursuing a post-graduate qualification in public service financial management.

And I guess the photos of the PhD ceremony I was looking at recently over a celebratory pint at which another colleague and friend was awarded his PhD from Oxford was also a figment of my imagination.

What a lazy, rubbish, stupid, unqualified, lot we are in the civil service.

It is a shame that discussions of the appropriate future for the public service in terms of pay, conditions, size and function on the Pin are so utterly unserious.

I’m guessing you’d be unlikely to end up in the rubber room…