Revenue to hit Irish owned property abroad plus here?

This caught my eye, not just the hitting what they ‘own’ abroad line but what the revenue has to say in times of exchequer deficits at home.

With statements like the following:

‘As the economy slows and tax revenue reduces, the Exchequer has to look at alternative sources for income’

‘Balancing books elsewhere’

Looks like the first shots at targeting property revenue dodgers.

Lets hope they target tax dodging landlords en masse who rent out their gaffs without paying tax at home plus the stamp duty dodgers as well with due interest!

They now have a special arrangement with UK and Spain , its CAB related to a certain extent.

My first impression is actually what a typically godawful piece of journalism.

Notice the very first three words, ‘Young Irish People’, because I’m sure they were the biggest investors :laughing:

Then look for any mention of a comment from revenue, or even a request for one, nada !

The whole thing reads like a pseudo ad for PTI.

Jaysus, & to think I once wanted to be a journo.

That said I hope to hell it’s true & Revenue & doing the absolute max to avoid penalising those who take the trouble to actually pay their way.