Revenue to Look Into Off Shore Property Accounts

As the title says but waiting for it to become a live article on to link.

I suppose with paddys weekend the IT crew are all off enjoying the festivities.

According to Revenue, out of the estimated 150,000 Irish owned foreign properties, only 5,000 properties paid Revenue any tax :open_mouth:

Today’s SBP is now available on the website.

OW’s referenced piece: … qqqx=1.asp

I don’t see any proof of mass tax evasion here, it’s entirely possible that the remaining 245,550 Robopaddies can’t find tenants for their properties :slight_smile:

Maybe the revenue are looking to tell them about some tax credits they should be claiming to cover their losses!

Who was it first said that overseas properties were the revenue’s rainyday fund? Well, it’s rained a lot so far this winter and the outlook isn’t great for the early part of the summer!

Revenue dipping into the rainy day fund… we predicted this a long while back! … rainy+fund

Here is part of the article

National Stock Non Primary

300,000 national empties
200,000 private rented

250,000 investment properties/holiday homes

Total 750,000 mostly non essential dwellings all “price easing” :open_mouth:


Would anyone like to estimate the total value at the average peak for all of these properties. I did it on a napkin and it burst into flames due to the friction from my shaking hand & pencil (before ye say it NO not fist shaking!!! :unamused: ) its so shocking I don’t think even the pin is ready for it (way too many ZEROs!)

Divide it by the population and give the figure for every man, woman and child!

I get around 38K per man woman and child, using an average price 220,000 per gaff. Which is a guess on my part, any way the point is we have a lot of money & time + future money & time tied up in pure idle speculation!

why should the speculators get bailed out?


Who said anything about bailouts?