Revenue use estate agents to catch tax dodgers

*THE Revenue Commissioners are to use estate agents to find out if investors are evading tax by under-declaring the amount they received for the sale of land or
The estate agents, who will not have been involved in the sale, are expected to provide an independent valuation of commercial or residential property and development land …
Valuers, who must be members of the Society of Chartered Surveyors in Ireland or of the Irish Auctioneers and Valuers Institute (IAVI) or equivalents, …
Although the Valuation Office used to provide the service to Revenue, it has since been decided to sub-contract it to the private sector…

The valuers will assess the accuracy of valuations provided by taxpayers or their agents, and will have to provide a report explaining and justifying how they reached their valuation. *

Sure why would the gubberment pay someone to do a job when they can pay them and also outsource it too? How can they tell that the reports are accurate considering all the overvaluing over the last decade? And how can they be independent considering that the asset will have to be sold on by one of their fellow IAVI members?

“Hey Gavin, get in on this one I’m marking it down so the blighter doesn’t have to suffer the tax man, the fools never put me on commission - how does our funny handshake go again!?!”

Cynical? Well these guys are dropping like flies and getting an enima daily so I’d put nothing past a man with a mate that is finding the times a hard, especially if gets to play the tax-man both ways as s/he gets paid to reset the market in double.

Though Coughlan must like the idea of keeping all those EAs with valuation certs in pocket while making it look good to the tax payer. “We’re gett’n your money back” and keeping 200 off the live register, aren’t we too clever too late.

Two page discussion on this already -

The other topic is the job rather than the worker. It is the fact that we have paid for the valuation office and now have to save unemployed EAs who have decided not to reskill.

Also the other topic is rental and landlords where as this is failure to pay capital gains tax on sale of property.

The government is knocking on two different doors to get what it can.