Review of State assets will not be ready until next month

Review of State assets will not be ready until middle of next month - SUZANNE LYNCH → … 92932.html

It’s bad enough that the cold is driving up my gas bill, now I’m going to have the overhead of the bank bailout and green party nut jobs work it’s way into future bills as well. :frowning:

Forgive my cynicism, but theres only one reason why I see a need (at this current time) for a review of state assets. :angry:

:open_mouth: why?

To work out how much can be made by selling (some of) them.

I’d cull the quangos before I’d even look at selling some of these. What the feic was the point of McCarthy’s report at all but to give Coughlan something to bleet on about for a while?

Can any and all national resources and/or infrastructure be siezed or reclaimed by a new government? Such as Chavez’s siezure of the nation’s oil resources?

I hope so, i dont want the desmonds and o briens of this world picking up state assets for a song. where theres a will theres a way

In no way am I an opponent of privatisation, but I am principally opposed to the privatisation of core national assets and infrastructure.
What kind of future country do we want? One where you have to pay a toll to walk on the footpath outside your house? An air tax?
However this is Ireland, the crack whore, so undoubtedly it makes sense to prostitute our entire country and all its resources to the lowest bidder when prices are low.

Any deals done that has deprived the Irish people of the very simplest of their birthrights will be undone.
I believe in working hard.
I believe in helping your neighbor.
I don’t beleive in freeloaders, whether they abuse social assistance, or whether they make a living pressing buttons and believe themselves above others.
I, for one, have had enough of the rape and pillage of this country and the good-will of it’s people.