Revolting Republic? Max Keiser's take...

Max Keiser discussing the Irish economic situation this morning.
States Irish are paying back debt at highest rate in Europe.

I had to stop after 90 seconds.

The same Max Keiser who tried to just transpose his US spiel to Ireland, and told the VB show that all our mortgages had been collateralised and sold on as mortgage backed securities, and refused to be corrected by someone who actually knew what he was talking about? (I think it was Paul Sommerville.) I don’t think he’s someone I’d rely on if I wanted to know the facts about Irish debt repayment.

But, even if it’s true, it shouldn’t really be remarkable. If we’re up there with Greece as having the highest debt to GDP ratio in Europe, but we’re in a better position than Greece in terms of actually being in a position to pay some of it back, then I would bloody well hope we are paying it down at a faster rate than other countries in order to get back to long term levels.

It sounds like he has a source in Ireland with a particular view of the world which he then parrots. Having a go at RTE for being a state broadcaster is a bit rich given the logo on Stacy’s boobs.

I remember a few years back he was encouraging people to buy silver to crash JP Morgan. Didn’t that turn out to be a disaster?

Later on in that clip there’s an Irish lad who says we’ve reached peak silver. Is that a buying or a selling opportunity I wonder?

There is no evidence of peak silver production, only speculation. … ilver.html

Silver demand touted for the Solar industry is also falling off … SL8N1DV4R5

For the silver price to recover to mania levels last seen in 2010, we need another financial crisis. Of course that is not going to happen because everything is awesome now, and central bankers have fixed the world :laughing:

If it happens, and it may, you should use it as a selling opportunity. Sell all your silver and buy turnips. Not only will you have have plenty to eat, but it’ll turn you into a totty magnet. And then you can buy this bridge from me.

Wow - how many euros per minute?

He spoke louder than action. XX