"Revolution" - the call from comfortable Trotskyites with guilty consciences

This is a worldwide phenomenon. But often with a strong ethnic jewish influence.


But then he just stands there and agonises, in a state of moral paralysis that finally becomes a little exasperating. One wants to ask him: if you feel like this, why not donate all your money to Médecins Sans Frontières or give up the literary life and your pleasant level of celebrity to work in a tent city? To be fair to Shawn, I think he simply and honestly cannot answer that question. He is stuck at being uncomfortable about “his desire for comfort” and the admission that he is “halfway to decadence” on a “manliness gauge” that “stands at more than half empty”.

At only one point does he come close to proposing a course of positive action, when he hesitantly suggests that “one way a great upheaval could occur without the shedding of blood” would be to urge him and his “lucky élite” kind to be “privately working on quietly melting and softening their own shells” so that when “the great masses of the unlucky should come to the door” in a revolutionary spirit, they wouldn’t fight back to defend the air-conditioners and dishwashers. I can’t say I find this a very helpful suggestion